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Bahrain: Iranian hackers hit government website

Bahrain says Iranian computer hackers tried to access the official website of the Housing Ministry in attempts to seek data on aid recipients. Full story

Munich Re eyes growth in hacker attack insurance

The rise of computer hacking may be a growing threat to companies but it offers new business for insurers, the world's biggest reinsurer Munich Re said. Full story

Vatican magazine says hackers do God’s work

Computer hackers embody classic Christian virtues, a Vatican publication says, and shouldn’t be perceived negatively. Full story

Flash Player Flaw Leads to ‘Zero Day’ Attack

Hackers are currently using Microsoft Excel files as Trojan horses to exploit a critical security flaw in Adobe Flash Player and infect users’ computers. Full story

'Anonymous' hackers have their say

   NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff gets an exclusive look inside the secretive organization known as Anonymous, a loose-knit group of computer hackers who came to the defense of Wikileaks and got the attention of law enforcement officials in the process. NBC's Brian Willia

Lawmakers want answers on exchange hack attacks

Senior lawmakers demanded answers on Tuesday from regulators and financial exchange operators about computer hacking attacks. Full story

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Hackers celebrate North Korea heir's birthday

Assange: From teen hacker to secrets leaker

Cyberthieves still rely on human foot soldiers


  WikiLeaks supporters declare cyber war

Computer hackers have attacked and threatened governments and firms around the world who have criticized or cut their support for Wikileaks or its embattled founder Julian Assange. Tech reporter John Abell discusses.

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