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Egypt allots extra $1.7 billion to fight food inflation

Egypt's cabinet has approved an extra 10 billion Egyptian pounds ($1.7 billion) over the next three months to help slow rising food prices, the state news agency said on Wednesday. Full story

Keeping Egypt's daily bread cheap

In the gritty gusts of a sandstorm, men in turbans and women in veils stood uncomplaining for hours outside a ramshackle kiosk, lined up for their daily loaves of "life." Full story

Survey shows major concern over food, gas prices

   CNBC's Steve Liesman looks at America's pessimism over trending fuel and food prices.

Why you might be paying higher gas prices this summer

   Msnbc’s Ed Schultz explains why Republicans don’t want Americans to know who’s really benefiting from high gas prices.

India might ban lavish weddings, feed poor instead

India is considering adopting a policy from its impoverished and war-torn neighbor Afghanistan to help tackle a domestic food crisis: rein in lavish wedding parties of the rich. Full story

Food price rises bring risk of new riots: France

France's agriculture minister warned the United Nations on Thursday that food riots like those of three years ago could break out around the world because of steep rises in food prices. Full story

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France, FAO see food crisis risk as prices soar

Central America squeezes budgets in food crisis

Global food costs hit a record in January

World food prices seen at record high in January

An era of cheap food may be drawing to a close

FAO wants price curbs and warns of food crisis: report

Global food chain stretched to the limit

Algeria debates food price cuts to quell riots

Poor crop forecast triggers scare over food prices

Sarkozy takes case to Obama as food prices soar


  Speculation wreaking global havoc

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., discusses the need for improved regulation of the speculation markets that are driving up food prices and creating social turmoil worldwide.

  Global Inflation Hot Spots

News out of India illustrating the enormity of the food price crisis, with CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  Expect food prices to rise, say experts

Msnbc's Alex Witt talks with personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulhrich.

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