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Democratic Party chief quits to run for Senate

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine resigned on Tuesday as chairman of the Democratic National Committee to run for a U.S. Senate seat from his state in 2012 as his party strives to retain control of the chamber. Full story

George Allen campaign begins in desperation mode?

   Rachel Maddow wonders why Republicans have released a low-road ad against DNC chairman Tim Kaine, and connects the dots to George Allen's gubernatorial campaign.

TMI: George Allen

   The Rachel Maddow Show TMI correspondent, Kent Jones, provides a history and context to the gubernatorial candidacy of George Allen in Virgina.

You had me at Wyoming

   Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, and producer extraordinaire Tricia McKinney share a preview of tonight's show - Governor Walker of Wisconsin spoke publicly about his budget plan today, plus two GOP state representative speak out about their positions on abortion in the mid

Former Virginia Senator George Allen tries a comeback

Former senator George Allen is attempting a comeback six years after the Republican narrowly lost his seat to Democrat Jim Webb, following comments critics said were racist and that became viral on YouTube. Full story

Allen to officially launch Senate bid

   Politico’s Jonathan Martin comments on former Sen. George Allen’s decision to run for Senate in Virginia.

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  Senate race to shake-up Virginia

Former Virginia senator George Allen may be ready to retake the seat he lost in 2006 to Sen. Jim Webb. Politico’s Jonathan Martin discusses.

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