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Itineraries: World's most romantic cities

From the Victorian inns of San Francisco to the teahouses of Kyoto, the world is full of romantic destinations. Full story

Power of Europe's boardrooms captured in new book

For 15 years, New York-based Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink has been making her mark with global art projects, covering subjects as diverse as Haute Couture fitting rooms in Paris, the gardens of Kyoto and the boardrooms of Europe's leading corporations. Full story

China and Japan say Canada's Kyoto withdrawal "regrettable"

China and Japan said on Tuesday Canada's decision to quit the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse gas emissions was "regrettable" and called on it to continue abiding by its commitments on climate change. Full story

U.S. denies delaying global climate deal

The United States denied on Thursday it was trying to delay a new global climate deal until 2020, saying it supported an EU proposal that aims to chart a path to a more ambitious pact to fight climate change. Full story

Climate talks open over dying Kyoto Protocol

Countries will make a last-ditch effort to save a dying Kyoto Protocol at global climate talks starting on Monday aimed at cutting the greenhouse gas emissions. Full story

American divide over global warming getting deeper

Supporters of the theory that the earth is undergoing climate change say resistance to the idea is taking on a more partisan, ideological tone. Full story

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** CORRECTS SPELLING OF ALTARS IN THE FIRST SENTENCE ** Shinto priests proceed to one of altars for new year's prayer under snow fall at the Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto, Japan, Sunday, Jan. 7 2007. Kyoto, former capital of the country for over 1200 years, retains thousands temples and shrines and local