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Famous industrial designs honored on new stamp set

Remember that colorful Fiesta dinnerware on your mom's or grandma's dinner table? How about the Baby Brownie camera she took snapshots with? Or that heavy, black telephone to chat on?Full story

New flight attendant button for Boeing 737

In the long history of bad industrial design, the flight attendant call button on commercial airlines takes a prominent place. Full story

Wind power from passing trains harnessed

When you think of wind power, you think of giant turbines harnessing big breezes. But industrial designers in China have developed a device that can capture the wind created by trains as they whoosh down the track. Full story

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True confessions of Steve Jobs' former boss


  Autocad App Coming to the iPad

Engineering software giant Autodesk announced on Tuesday that it's Autocad app, the gold standard in industrial design, is coming the the iPad this fall. CNBC's Jon Fortt has the story.

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