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    >> drea mitchell, nbc news, washington.

    >>> on another front, there was a grim reminderf al qaa's presence in afghanistan last week. a bombing that killed seven amicans. it turns out the dead we cia agents. the killeras someone they trted, doue agent said to be on a deadlyissi. we have exclusive dails tonight from our own richard engel with us inhe udio. deadly msion indeed. this was one of the wor attacks ever against the cia and has mar implications aboutow the u.s. uses, finds and reuits ants and formants.

    >> reporter: at the cia memorial wall alangley, stars mark the fallen officers. so seven more will go upor harold brown jr., scott roberson and five others. ovseas jordan's king abdullah and his queen rana felt the tack as well. eyeceived the by the ng's dista cousin this weekend, an intelligence offir, killed along with the amerans. but who carried out the attack is only now becoming clear. a spy story of informas and betrayal that beginsn the jordanian town of zarqa. harsh, dusty, on the des er's edgearqa has long been stroholdor mitant jordian authorities arreste a 36-year-old doctorumam albie lawy. hearoused susct by moderating al qaeda 'sost popul website. the jordanians interrogated balawi and thoug they had tued him. hereed to become a infmant for both jordanianntellince and their partners in e cia . lawi was given aangerous mission, to infiltrate al qaeda d fin osama b laden's elusive deputy, ayman al zahiri. he seemed a perct agent. he was interviewed byl qaa website november. he seemeaccepted. i was raised tloveihad and martdom, he sd. but was the rhetoric just part of balawi's cover or did he believe it?

    >> i t se way we try to use drone aircraft to go after al qaedthey're sophisticated enough to use human cruise missiles and targeting us in the same perrse way.

    >> reporter: he ban another secret mission to tartis intelligence handls for al qaed

    >> you never can trust people. you can polygraph them. yocan run them for years. but younow what really goes on inside of their mind it's ve, very difficult to predict.

    >> reporter: balawi called his intelligence contacts claimg to have urgen information, a possible major breakthrough about zawahiri. theia sd assemble a team of top officers, their al qaed experts. but wn he arriv on the compound in eastern ghistan, he detonated abo. the only comment on the incident the cia said the death of the officers will beenge

    >> richard engel with us in new york. know you're on the way to yemen now in this other front i the wargainst terrorists that we'll be talki about. safely travels

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