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Calif. Senate hopeful Fiorina hospitalized

California GOP Senate challenger Carly Fiorina is being held overnight in a L.A.-area hospital to be treated for an infection after reconstructive surgery following her breast cancer battle.Full story

Too Much Plastic Surgery?

  Monica Hesse, Washington Post and Dr. Norberto Soto, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, discuss Hollywood's alleged backlash against too much reconstructive surgery.

Iraqis go for a little nip, tuck

Even in the worst spasms of violence that followed the U.S.-led invasion, cosmetic surgery didn't go out of style in Iraq. Now, as the country quiets down, plastic surgery is all the rage. Full story

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  Lending a helping hand to wounded soldiers

May 22: Marine Gunnery Sergeant Blaine Scott and others talk about Operation Mend, a new program that offers free reconstructive surgery for injured soldiers.

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