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HomeAway's Super Bowl Ad Game

As the young company bets on a new commercial, co-founder Brian Sharples opens his playbook. Full story

Chrysler's New Path

   CNBC's Phil LeBeau talks to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne about the company's new direction and the Super Bowl ad featuring Eminem and Detroit.

Super Bowl ads: Winners and losers

   Msnbc's Chris Jansing and panel talk about the best Super Bowl ads.

Radio host unhappy with Chrysler ad, success

   Playbook: During an appearance on Fox News, radio host Lars Larsen questioned why Chrysler spent money on a Super Bowl ad celebrating their comeback from the brink. Msnbc’s Ed Schultz wonders why some on the right can’t get over the auto loan.

Groupon Super Bowl ads draw scorn

Groupon may have been one of the least-known companies to advertise on Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s getting a lion’s share of the day-after buzz. Too bad it’s for the wrong reason. Full story

Super Bowl 'test baby' ad draws complaints

A vacation rental company says it will remove an image of a baby doll smashing against a window from a Super Bowl ad after complaints that the ad was insensitive toward child abuse and injuries. Full story

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‘Little Darth Vader’ reveals face behind the Force

Celebrities rule in Super Bowl ads

Watch and rate all the Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl advertisers try to out-hype rivals

Super Bowl advertisers say the $3M is worth it

What You Can Learn from Super Bowl Ads

It’s the Super Bowl – let’s get social!


  Watch Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad

Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad, featuring Detroit rapper Eminem, has created a lot of buzz.

  Groupon pulls 'Tibet' Super Bowl ad

Groupon pulls a Super Bowl ad that many found offensive claiming the campaign was misunderstood. Dick Johnson reports.

  Detroit’s renaissance?

Chrysler’s gutsy Super Bowl ad challenged viewers’ preconceptions about Detroit. Is the Motor City coming back? Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing discusses the issue on CNBC.

  Darth Vader, Jr.

We had to wait until well into the Star Wars franchise before Lord Vader was unmasked. But we only had to wait one day to meet the little boy who starred in the most-talked about Super Bowl ad.

  Joan Rivers gets the last word

After her eye-raising appearance in one of the most-talked about Super Bowl ads, Joan Rivers talks sports and politics with msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

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Little Darth Vader Max Page Meets The Original Darth Vader James Earl Jones
Little Darth Vader Max Page Meets The Original Darth Vader James Earl Jones

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 07: Driving Miss Daisy star James Earl Jones poses with six year-old Max Page, star of Vokswagen's Darth Vader-themed Super Bowl commercial at "Driving Miss Daisy" on broadway at The Golden Theatre on February 7, 2011 in New York City.