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Video: 'Impossible rescue' recharges hope

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    >> lebeau, thanks, as always.

    >>> now to the latest news from haiti. there are scattered new reports tonight that hungry, angry crowds are mobbing some food distribution centers in port-au-prince, the capital, adding to the chaos of the massive relief effort. also tonight, people are still talking about a remarkable rescue we showed you on this broadcast last night. we begin our reporting from there with nbc's kerry sanders .

    >> reporter: darlene is the impossible survivor, 15 days, five days after most rescue teams gave up on finding anyone alive, and there she was. extracted by a french rescue team. dehydrated and disoriented.

    >> we can't really explain this because, you know, that's biological facts. we are very surprised.

    >> reporter: darlene is now a symbol for an entire nation trying to pick itself up. and evidence of a new cadence of life taking hold is everywhere. garbage men today cleaned streets. traffic lights are back on. in one port-au-prince tent city now home to 100,000, fresh freud, tomatoes, carrots, plantains and coconuts. many americans think the only way a haitian can get food today is to stand in a line for five hours.

    >> no, no.

    >> reporter: while food is now available, few can afford it.

    >> we are out of money to buy food. there is food, there is some food, but we're out of money to buy food.

    >> reporter: today 90-pound bags of rice that arrived here 11 days ago finally made it to those in need. 400 bags an hour, a color-coded ticket system designed to keep order. but even with a system, there are problems. the u.s. military says it's these desperate fights for food is slowing their ability to get food to those who need it. outside the presidential palace , a haitian government food distribution today was chaotic. but there are hopeful signs. in that huge tent city , a barber shop running off a car battery . the type of ingenuity haitians say will recharge their nation. kerry sanders , nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti.

    >>> we'll have more reporting from


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