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4K TVs Could Mean Bigger Screens for Smaller Rooms

Americans may be switching to smaller cars, but their appetite for big screens continues to grow. The average size of TVs sold in the United States jumped from about 32 inches in 2006 to 38 inches in 2012, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The reason for the growth is simple — price Full story

TV Buyers Only Care About Price

NEW YORK – In the last decade, TVs got thin and flat. Then they got more pixels, first 720p and then 1080p HD. Since then, it's been all about size — bigger screens and smaller prices — not about features like Internet connectivity. Full story

Passengers admit to leaving on phones in flight

   A study from the Airline Passenger Experience Association and the Consumer Electronics Association found 21 percent of travelers leave their phones on in “airline mode” and five percent said they turn off their devices only some of the time. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Americans Buying Upscale Tech Gadgets

As sure as the sun rises every day, so does spending on tech products every year. But what people are buying has changed a great deal. The current move is toward not only smartphones and tablets but also high-end versions in other product categories, according to the Consumer Electronics Association Full story

Does the IRS Target Rich People?

   Discussing an IRS plan to audit people making $500k or more a year, with Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association, and Mark Everson, former IRS commissioner.

The Way to a Woman's Heart: Electronics

Guys, forget about roses and chocolates. If you really want to win the heart of the woman in your life you should think about buying her electronics instead of traditional gifts for Valentine's Day, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Full story

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Innovation Ahead: Top Tech Trends on Tap for 2011

'Tis the Season: Consumer Electronics Poised for Good Holiday Sales?


  Is Obama Administration Anti-Business?

Debating whether the Obama administration is anti-business and its policies are to blame for the struggling economy, with Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association; Robert Johnson,The RLJ Companies; and former Gov. Howard Dean, (D-VT).

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