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    >>> tax. 22% are against it.

    >>> an agent reassigned to desk duty after a traveler took a picture of her sleeping while in uniform. take a look at this photo. the picture was snapped sunday and posted online. that prompted an investigation. a tsa spokesperson said the agent may have been on a break but should use break rooms instead of resting in public areas. joining me on the phone is the man who took this picture. hello, bucky .

    >> good afternoon.

    >> tell me what you saw when you saw the tsa agent sleeping.

    >> i was a little shocked. i sat down and she rousted 10 minutes later when they made the announcement they would do a secondary screening to board the plane.

    >> this happened sunday. that's usually a pretty heavy travel day. how packed was the airport?

    >> actually i got through pretty early. to put things in perspective, this was 8:00 in the morning. this wasn't a red eye , 4:00 a.m . flight. this was a little after 8:00 in the morning. i actually got through security very fast.

    >> okay. did other passengers, people in the terminal, they notice this woman sleeping, pointing at her, whispering? could you get any sense of that?

    >> no, not at all. i think no one was really paying attention.

    >> but you sure were. now, why did you take the photo?

    >> well, you know, first i was a little shocked. for security reasons it's like pr matters in the tsa industry. to show someone sleeping or groggy or not clear eyed, i think it sends the wrong message.

    >> what kind of message does it send to you?

    >> that the tsa is weak and -- or not taking their job as serious as maybe they should be.

    >> okay. now, bucky , you heard the word from the spokeswoman from the tsa saying, look, these people have breaks, understandably so. i'm sure you're not opposed to that with eight hour or longer shifts but maybe breaks should be taken in a room. you don't just sit down and nod off in public. do you have any problem with that?

    >> not at all. i think that, of course, if they have a break, they probably have mandated breaks and they should take them. but to sleep in public -- she rejoined her colleagues to participate in the secondary search. so that's why i think it's ambiguous about whether or not she was on duty, because she actually was directing passengers to whether or not they would be randomly screened a second time.

    >> we do know she's been taken off active duty there and put onto desk duty. anyway, bucky turco, thanks for phoning in and giving us the story. i see you're following me on twitter, i'll try to keep up on

updated 1/28/2010 3:55:55 PM ET 2010-01-28T20:55:55

A Transportation Security Administration agent at New York's LaGuardia Airport has been reassigned after a traveler photographed her napping while in uniform.

Bucky Turco of Brooklyn took the photograph Sunday and posted it online. His link was sent to TSA officials.

The unidentified agent has been reassigned to desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The agent might have been on a break. TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said agents have very demanding jobs, but they should use break rooms instead of resting in public areas.

Another TSA worker was placed on administrative leave for allegedly leaving his post at Newark Liberty International Airport. A man breached security to kiss his girlfriend; the scare closed a terminal for six hours.

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