Image: Satellite view of storm
This satellite image taken early Thursday shows a large storm system moving east into Texas.
updated 1/28/2010 4:54:41 PM ET 2010-01-28T21:54:41

A storm dumping snow, icing roads and downing power lines in Texas and neighboring states on Thursday was moving east.

"Widespread heavy snow across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles" were reported by the National Weather Service. "Many locations also experienced a mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow before a transition to entirely snow," it added.

Parts of northern Texas could see up to 15 inches of snow and sleet accumulation.

Plainview, Texas, saw a quarter inch of ice, three inches of snow as well as numerous powerlines and trees downed by the storm on Thursday.

Video: Ice warning Other areas saw up to a half inch of ice, among them Floyd County, where 200 utility poles were down.

In Oklahoma, the governor declared a state of emergency in every county as rain turned to ice Thursday. Power lines snapped and schools closed across the state.

Strong winds were expected to accompany the system with gusts of up to 35 mph in areas of the High Plains, creating dangerous road and travel conditions.

Lighter showers of frozen rain and snow could stretch north into the Central Plains, but less than an inch of accumulation was expected.

The Weather Channel reported that the system was moving east into southern Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and the Tennessee Valley on Friday. The Virginias, North Carolina, northern South Carolina and parts of northern Georgia will get hit by Saturday, it added.

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Video: Ice, then snow

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    >>> we are back now as promised with the dangerous winter weather in the center part of the country tonight and it's moving east. talking rain, sleet, snow and ice. our own janet shamly is along interstate 235 in oklahoma city. looks like the commute can't be much fun tonight.

    >> reporter: not at all, brian. we are getting pounded by sleet right now. as you indicated, many of the roads are already ice-covered. the forecasters are saying there is a significant amount of snow that's behind all this that's going to cover the ice, and make driving even more difficult than it is tonight. oklahoma on ice. after 60 degree temperatures yesterday, the mercury plunged into the 20s and the rain turned to ice.

    >> classic oklahoma weather, i guess. beautiful one day and freezing rain and inches of snow the next.

    >> reporter: power lines snapped, schools closed and the oklahoma governor declared an emergency in all 77 counties.

    >> wherever you want to be for days, you want to be there now.

    >> reporter: forecasters say the rain will continue to freeze for several hours then the snow starts. as much as 16 inches.

    >> freezing rain is bad by itself. snow is bad by itself. you put them both together and it's extremely dangerous .

    >> reporter: photos sent by viewers to nbc station kfor show the early casualties of the storm, trees splintered by the weight of the ice.

    >> it's bad. it's really bad. i hope it's not going to be like it was in 2007 .

    >> reporter: hazardous driving conditions stranded motorists and choked roads and closed section of state 40. why did you come out in this?

    >> i don't know. it was a bad idea.

    >> reporter: in texas, the same storm delivered floods to abilene, snow to amarillo and the promise of more to come. hundreds of flights were canceled throughout oklahoma today and tomorrow this is all going to move east.

    >> for now, doesn't look like much fun. thanks for your reporting.

    >>> there is no law that


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