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Bills propose raising Maine's minimum hourly wage

The Maine Legislature's labor committee is considering two bills that would raise the state's minimum hourly wage. Full story

Czech government approves pay increase for doctors

The Czech government has approved a pay increase for doctors, the final step of a deal that averts the resignation of thousands of doctors from public hospitals over low pay. Full story

Czech doctors walkout over pay averted

The Czech doctors' union has signed a new wage deal that averts a mass resignation from public hospitals over low pay. Full story

Fourth quarter employment costs rise 0.4 percent

U.S. employment costs rose just 0.4 percent in the fourth quarter, Labor Department data showed on Friday, as a bleak jobs market continued to put pressure on worker pay and benefits. Full story

Jobless claims rise more than expected

Jobless claims rose more than expected in the latest week, showing the labor market remains under pressure, while productivity rebounded a bit and labor costs fell. Full story

Wall Street's Nightmare Come True

   New pay law could reward Wall Street firms with low pay ratio between the CEO's pay package and the average employee, with Francesco Guerrera, Financial Times.

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