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Artificial Ear Grown on Rat's Back

From artificial eyeballs to limbs, doctors have dreamed up dozens of ways to replace body parts when things go wrong. Full story

'Highway from Hell' Fed Deadly Volcano

Molten rock from Earth's hellishly hot mantle can punch through miles of overlying crust in a matter of months, a new study finds. Full story

Long Before Birds, Dinosaur Brains Wired for Flight

Some nonavian dinosaurs, including carnivorous tyrannosaurs, may have had brains that were hardwired for flight long before even the earliest known birds started flapping their wings, a new study finds. Full story

Breast-Feeding Rates Continue to Rise, CDC Says

The percentage of babies who are breast-fed in the United States continues to rise, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Full story

Prince William: Why Paternity Leave Is Good for the Whole Family

When Prince William revealed he was taking two weeks paid paternity leave, he sent a strong message: Dads are critical during a newborn's first few weeks of life. Full story

Ancient 'Hall of the Dead' Unearthed in England

Archaeologists have unearthed two nearly 6,000-year-old burial mounds and the remains of two massive buildings in England. Full story

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  Forget touchscreens: Now everything can be an interface

What if your doorknob could be a touch interface? What about a fish bowl filled with water? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working to turn the most unusual surfaces into a touch screen.

  Hunky carpenters help homeowners on new show

Four hunky carpenters talk about their new TLC show “Honey Do,” which features handsome handymen helping fix those little things around the house that never seem to get repaired.