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Your Next TV Could Monitor Heart Health

TVs could soon provide much more than entertainment. Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a new way to measure the heart rates of people just by using ordinary video footage to track facial movements.  Full story

How Mom & Dad's Fights Can Stunt Kids' Brains

Arguments between Mom and Dad can alter the stress responses of children, new research finds, possibly resulting in kids who lag behind their peers in problem solving. Full story

U.S. irregular heartbeat treatment inadequate: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A significant number of U.S. patients with irregular heart rhythms do not receive adequate therapy, according to a new study of treatment practices for atrial fibrillation. Full story

Hot Health Tech of CES 2013

From earbuds that monitor your heart rate to forks that follow your every bite, some inventive new health technologies were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas this week. Full story

Scanadu Scout Hands-on: A Tricorder in Every Pocket

Look out, Dr. McCoy! By the end of next year, consumers will be able to pick up the Scanadu SCOUT, a small $150 palm-sized device, which will scan your vitals in less than a minute, and give you a diagnosis on your smartphone.  Full story

The key to calming down: crafting

   Upcycler Danny Seo shows how crafting helps drop blood pressure levels, lower your heart rate, and help you find the key to being calm by sewing a towel bath mat, making Halloween candleholders, recycled wax luminaries and more.

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Smiling may lower your heart rate

Stress turns guys into social butterflies

New Health-Monitoring Mirror Displays Heart Rate

Being 'chilled out' can increase risk of obesity, depression


  Could you be taking better care of yourself?

Do you check your heart rate? Are you getting enough exercise? Dr. Orly Avitzur sheds light on Americans’ health and gives viewers tips to help them achieve their healthiest numbers.

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