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IndyCar Series returning to Detroit

Open-wheel racing is returning to the Motor City.Full story

Is the Trucking Industry Improving?

  We're positive and we're looking for a double digit increase in sales for 2012, said Roger Penske, Penske Automotive chairman/CEO. Discussing the strong truck demand, with Steve Clough, Arrow Truck Sales president.

The Mighty Middle Market

  Middle market companies added more than 2 million jobs from 2007 to 2010. Discussing middle market growth, despite the downturn, with Roger Penske, Penske Corporation chairman/CEO.

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Roger Penske
Roger Penske

Roger Penske, Founder and Chairman of Penske Corporation, and Chevrolet announces a multi-year agreement with the Penske Corporation and IndyCar to bring professional motorsports to the Motor City for the first time in four years during a news conference at GM headquarters on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 201