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Cheers! Why booze is good for your heart

When you raise a glass to toast with some wine or champagne this Thanksgiving, you are doing your heart a favor, according to a new study. Full story

Shocking treatment helps erectile dysfunction

If you experience impotence, instead of a little blue pill maybe you want to apply shockwaves to your privates instead. Full story

Dr. William Ganz, noted cardiologist, dies

   Nov. 13: Dr. William Ganz, co-inventor of the balloon-tipped catheter that measures heart blood flow, died Tuesday. He was 90. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

Simple tests to predict your heart risk

Here are three new methods of predicting heart disease that are surprisingly simple and effective. Full story

Key found to muscle loss as we age

It’s a sad fact that muscles shrink as adults age. But new studies are starting to unravel how this happens — and what to do about it. Full story

Sleep your way to gorgeous

You’re not dreaming — it is possible to get dewier skin and glossier hair while you snooze. Full story

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Why we yawn: To cool our brains

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Human brain
Human brain

Weighing in at an average of 2.7 pounds (1,200 grams), the human brain packs a whopping 100 billion neurons. Every minute, about three soda-cans worth of blood flow through the brain.