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Venezuela imposes tax on windfall oil prices

Venezuela is imposing a windfall profits tax on royalties from oil projects when crude prices are above $40 a barrel, seeking to squeeze as much as $16 billion mostly out of foreign oil companies, the government said Tuesday.Full story

PRESS Pass with Pickens: disappointed by energy policies

  Oil giant T. Boone Pickens discusses high gasoline prices, his plans for reducing America's depenence on foreign oil, his disappointment with President Barack Obama's energy plans, and 2012 politics.

Obama pushes for oil use reduction, clean fuel technology

President Barack Obama said on Saturday curbing foreign oil dependence and investments in clean fuel technology are the main tenets of his plan to meet long-term energy needs and in turn strengthen the domestic economy. Full story

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Obama showcases fuel-saving vehicles

U.S. Security Depends on Energy Innovation

Factbox: Libyan oil production, exports, customers

Shahristani, architect of Iraq's oil future

Pickens Plan no longer features wind energy


  President lays out retooled energy plan

President Obama outlined yesterday what he called a bold plan toward energy independence, but is it the same claim we’ve heard from presidents for four decades? The National Journal’s Coral Davenport and energy consultant Kevin Book join to analyze.