Gay marriage, high profile trials, and trickle down economics are pondered by our readers.

I don’t believe the judges in Mass. or anywhere else have the power to redefine marriage to include same sex unions. To do so cheepens the sacred union I have with my husband.
When two people of the same sex dress up and promise to love each other at a formal, public occasion, that is not a marriage, call it something else. No judge can make it so. Don’t try to destroy my holy sacraments with man made laws, the constitution is clear on that.
Esther Hass
Memphis, MI

I don’t think Gay Marriage should be banned. You can’t help who you fall in love with, regardless or not, if they’re the same sex. If you ban Gay Marriage, you can’t stop them from being gay. So what’s the point for banning it at all? You can’t take away somebodies right. Somebodies hopes and dreams. Everybody wants to fall in love and get married. Who cares if they are gay? Life isn’t perfect, neither are people. Don’t ban Gay Marriage. Thanks.
Christa Ward

Same-sex marriage. I’ve never done this before and am not even sure I have anything good to say, but here it goes. As some one who is 2 months away from being married,I am at a loss as to why this is such a big deal. I don’t feel like it would make “my” day any less special if Bob and Nick of Rhode Island were getting hitched the same day,in the same way. It seems unconstitional to deny same-sex marriage, because the whole idea of it being wrong is religous based. So by it not being legal isn’t that having the “state inside the church” or the “country inside the church”? If we are going to blanket ourselves with this idea that a group of us is better than the other, based on fear, I have to ask how far have we really come from the slave trade days? I don’t think I’m right or wrong, I’m just glad I get to choose. Thank you for your time and “I hope that one day the world will live as one.” J.L.
Sarah Sasser
Thousand Oaks CA


I cannot understand why the sniper suspects are even getting a trial they should just be sentenced to death. Letting them live will make them feel as if they have won. Common sense tells you they did it.  Didn’t the killings stop, and as a result we no longer have to fear for our lives. We no longer have to be scared to DEATH.
Shantoria Noel

Why aren’t the authorities investigating the children’s services agencies and/or the parents who blindly allow these children to go to Micheal Jakson’s estate, when there is a public concern that child molestation is taking place behind those gates?
Tracy Veal
Victorville, CA


I have a question for some non-biased economist who can give me a meaningful response. Regarding Tom’s (Brokaw’s) Fleecing of America segments, and all the flap about what projects cost the taxpayer, whether they be politically or commercially motivated, where does this money go? Does it not wind up in the pockets of our citizens in the form of compensation or wages for goods and services? Then where? Does it not eventually wind up in all our own pockets, as compensation or wages for other goods and services? Is this not what makes our economy strong? Are we not one great economic digestive system, absorbing and recirculating money, regardless of how it gets into the pie hole in the first place? That’s six questions. I may be naive, but I’ll bet the number of people who stuff money in a mattress, or bury it in a coffee can are few.
Bonny Willer
Caldwell, Idaho


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