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3D Map Reveals Human Brain in Greatest Detail Ever

The postmortem brain of a 65-year-old woman has been transformed into a new 3D map revealing the intricate architecture of the human noggin on a scale finer than a human hair. Full story

Brain Tease: The Tantalizing Challenge of Mapping the Mind

What would it take to map the human brain? Neurologist Kristen Harris has spent the past few years working to do just that. She and a team of postdoctoral researchers have been dissecting, imaging and digitally recreating a highly detailed, three-dimensional map of the human brain. Full story

Humans Evolved Flexible, Lopsided Brains

The two halves of the human brain are not symmetrical. This lopsidedness, which arises during brain development, may be a stamp of the adaptability of the human brain, a new study suggests. Full story

Obama announces bipartisan brain initiative

   Democrats and Republicans may have trouble putting aside their differences to make decisions on the economy and education, but it seems that bipartisanship can happen elsewhere. President Barack Obama’s brain initiative – which would fund research on the brain and therefore focus on finding cures fo

NBC News Update: April 2nd, 2013

   Another Day Of Tough Talk From North Korea; A New Initiative To Study The Human Brain; A Kennedy Could Soon Become A U.S. Ambassador.

NYT: Obama seeking to boost study of human brain

The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of its activity, seeking to do for the brain what the Human Genome Project did for genetics. Full story

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Did Exercise Make the Human Brain So Buff?

Einstein's brain reveals clues to genius

Atlas may solve mysteries of human brain

Can Snoops Hack Your Brain?

Spectacular brain images reveal simple wiring

Baby Love May Be Hard-Wired in Human Brain

The assignment: Build a human brain

Shrinking Brains May Be Cost of Long Life

Amazing! Give a chimp a video game and ...

Prehistoric Human Brain Found Pickled in Bog


  The complexity of the human brain

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan talks with neurobiologist Mark Changizi talks about the complex inner workings of the human brain.

  Computer Chips Learn Like Human Brains

CNBC's Brian Shactman has the story on computer chips that are capable of learning from experience, like a human brain by using cognitive computing.

  Understanding the human brain

Dr. Nancy Snyderman decodes the complex control center of the body and spotlights how the brain manages everything from memories to addictions and the senses.

  Can you live forever?

Scientists explore the idea of "uploading" the human brain as they map the connections of neurons.

  Did You See That?! Part 2

Dateline’s studio audience helps to illustrate how the human brain can be so focused on one task that our eyes block out what’s right in front of us.

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Big Brain model
Big Brain model

The "Big Brain" 3-D model will give researchers a high-resolution look at the human brain.

Brain tissue from a Parkinsonian rodent is seen in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School of Pharmacy in London
Brain tissue from a Parkinsonian rodent is seen in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School of Pharmacy in London

Brain tissue from a Parkinsonian rodent is seen in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School of Pharmacy in London May 2, 2013. Is nanomedicine the next big thing? A growing number of top drug companies seem to think so. The ability to encapsulate potent drugs in nanoparticles measuring billionths of a m

To match feature USA-LAW/BRAIN
To match feature USA-LAW/BRAIN

An undated image of the human brain taken through scanning technology. REUTERS/Sage Center for the Study of the Mind, University of California, Santa Barbara/Handout