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  The Great Divide: Autos, defense & housing

The Save Act

  CNBC's Diana Olick reports The Save Act will essentially subtract the savings in your energy bill from your monthly debt, which lenders factor against your income. Also, the impact of the refi slowdown, with Fred Glick, U.S. Loans Mortgage president,

The flipping boom

  CNBC's Diana Olick explains why investing in a second home is beneficial. It is a flippers market and CNBC contributor Dolly Lenz says "we got a frenzy going on right now." Home flipping is up 19 percent year-to-date.

Housing by the numbers

  Housing starts are down. How worried should we be? CNBC's Diana Olick has a realty check.

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  Big builder, small builder

Smaller home builders are struggling right now. CNBC's Diana Olick and Robbie Whelan, The Wall Street Journal, offer insight.

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