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  Father of Anna Nicole’s child: ‘It’s hard to move on’

Father of Anna Nicole’s child: ‘Hard to move on’

Larry Birkhead said Thursday that  it’s challenging to be a father to 3-year-old Dannielynn Birkhead because “there’s always drama” surrounding her mother’s death. He said he feels Anna Nicole’s attorney and ex-partner, Howard K. Stern, had nothing to do with her death. Full story

Larry Birkhead talks life after Anna Nicole

As he prepares to sell Anna Nicole Smith's memorabilia at an upcoming auction in Las Vegas, Larry Birkhead hopes he can begin to put some of the past behind him and move forward with his life. Full story

Anna Nicole Smith's belongings for sale in Vegas

Anna Nicole Smith's former boyfriend is unloading 250 personal belongings from her estate at a Las Vegas auction. Full story

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Birkhead selling Anna Nicole Smith memorabilia

Court won't reconsider Anna Nicole Smith ruling

Anna Nicole Smith estate appeals ruling

Anna Nicole estate denied piece of oil fortune

‘Anna Nicole’ opera to premiere next February

Zsa Zsa's husband says he's ready to lead Calif.

Trial set for August in Anna Nicole Smith case

Anna Nicole Smith lost millions in jewels

Anna Nicole’s doctors, lawyer plead not guilty


  Larry Birkhead: ‘I just want the truth’

Oct. 20: Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, says prosecutors offended him when they criticized his testimony against Smith’s doctors and Howard K. Stern. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

  Smith’s companion, doctors under scrutiny

Oct. 19: Anna Nicole Smith’s companion and lawyer, Howard K. Stern, and her doctors are being accused of providing her with too many prescription drugs. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports and NBC’s chief legal analyst, Dan Abrams, weighs in.

  Father Of Smith’s daughter continues testimony

Oct. 19: The father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter continues his testimony about the late model and reality star’s involvement with prescription drugs. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

  Birkhead: Smith died of ‘a broken heart’

Oct. 16: Larry Birkhead talks about what he thinks killed Anna Nicole Smith. Plus, does he think it's OK that doctors sometimes use aliases for their celebrity patient's medications?

  Larry Birkhead speaks out on Anna Nicole’s death

Oct. 15: Hours before he is set to testify in the preliminary hearing into Anna Nicole Smith’s death, Larry Birkhead, her former boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Dannielynn, talks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer in a TODAY exclusive.

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  Anna Nicole memorabilia

Items from the estate of late sex symbol Anna Nicole Smith are going on the auction block in Las Vegas, including her car, costumes and art, as well items related to her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

Smith & Her License Plate
Smith & Her License Plate

Model Anna Nicole Smith holding Texas license plate that reads "PMOY 93" .