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Give immigrants healthcare access: U.S. kid doctors

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A group representing U.S. pediatricians said this week that its members should pay special attention to the healthcare needs of immigrant children and support health insurance for all - regardless of legal status. Full story

Are tablets, iPods suitable for youngsters?

   The American Academy of Pediatrics just released new guidelines that say children under 2 should have little to no "screen time." NBC's Erika Edwards reports.

Kids Under 2 Should Play, Not Watch TV, Doctors Say

BOSTON — Children under age 2 should avoid watching TV as much as possible, according to a new policy statement from the nation's largest group of pediatricians, who suggest the tots should play instead. Full story

Toxic chemical law fails to protect kids, doctors charge

The way the U.S. government regulates the introduction and management of chemicals in the country fails to protect the health of children and pregnant women, according to a new policy statement from an influential group of pediatricians. Full story

Can Facebook lead to depression?

   Dr. Janet Taylor explains why peering into other people’s daily routines can cause teenagers to experience feelings of inadequacy and depression

Doctors to talk social media with young patients

   The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging doctors to address the potential downside of social networking with their young patients. NBC's Erika Edwards reports.

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Doctors: Ban teens from tanning salons

Nearly 10,000 babies suffer crib injuries yearly

Many breast-fed babies lack vitamin D


  Pediatricians suggest pre-teens use car seats

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidelines for car seat use, which include a suggestion that children should sit in car seats until the age of 13. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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