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Beefeaters suspended on harassment claims

Embarrassed Tower of London  officials say two male warders have been suspended and a third is under investigation for suspected harassment of the only woman in the Beefeater ranks.Full story

Your Career: Furlough frenzy

There’s been a furlough frenzy in corporate America lately, and employee rights may be getting lost in the shuffle. Full story

Study suggests doctors could add to Wikipedia

Researchers are suggesting that doctors could be spending more time writing and editing Wikipedia pages on medical topics, despite questions that have been raised about the collaborative online encyclopedia's credibility. Full story

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Microsoft to shutter Encarta this year

Wikipedia meets $6 million fundraising goal

Wikipedia wants more user-friendly editing

Wikipedia gets $3 million cash infusion

Wikipedia founder's private troubles go public

Wikipedia's search engine takes on Google

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Shane Fitzgerald
Shane Fitzgerald

Shane Fitzgerald, at home in Dublin, Ireland, Monday, May, 11, 2009. Shane posted a poetic but phony quote on Wikipedia, he was testing how our globalized, increasingly Internet-dependent media would uphold standards of accuracy and accountability in an age of instant news. His report card: Wikiped