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  Intelligence contractors on the rise since 9/11

IRS paid $27,000 for ‘innovation expert’

  A new report by the IRS inspector general reveals some of the conference expenses that came from taxpayer money. Meanwhile, the organizations improperly targeted by the IRS will get their turn before Congress and the inspector general today. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

IRS director on leave, still receiving paycheck

  Lois Lerner, who headed the IRS division that singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny, pleaded the Fifth Amendment rather than testify before Congress. She is currently on administrative leave as investigations continue, but is still receiving her $180,000 salary. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports

Report says IRS ‘inappropriately’ targeted GOP groups

  A new report by the IRS inspector general corroborates what conservatives have been alleging: that the IRS unfairly targeted them for extra scrutiny over 18 months. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

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  Attorney General orders FBI to investigate IRS

Three congressional committees have planned hearing into what interaction, if any, the IRS had with Treasury officials or the White House. Beginning in 2010, the IRS singled out conservative groups that were applying for tax exempt status according to a Treasury Department Inspector General report.

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