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‘Lean in’? For Millennials, the question is what are we leaning towards

It's not just a matter of having it all. We have to decide what we want to accomplish in the world.Full story

5 Influential CEOs Weigh in What Makes a Good Leader

Influential leaders who have taken their companies to new heights through skillful command with a dynamic, collaborative approach share their thoughts on what makes a good leader. Full story

Idealizing Millennials is no more accurate than condemning them

It's nice to get some positive press. But author David Burstein's over-reaching praise of his fellow Millennials is just as inaccurate as everyone else's criticisms. The thing to know about all Millennials is that there's no such thing as 'all Millennials.' Full story

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  Feb. 7: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

Preps underway for potentially devastating storm; Snowstorm could dump more than 24 inches in Boston; Manhunt underway for ex-cop shooter; Brennan voices support for detaining terrorists; Drone strikes memo raises more questions; Millennials struggling with stress; FAA to allow Dreamliner test fligh

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