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  The real wrongdoing in our week of scandals

Attacks on First Daughters crosses the line

  Toure and Joan Walsh join Rev. Sharpton to discuss what motivates attacks from the right on the first daughters and first family in general over their vacations and lifestyle.

President making progress on 2nd term agenda

  Just days into the official start of his second term, President Obama is pushing forward on his agenda and making immigration, defense, and the debt ceiling priorities. Nia-Malika Henderson and Joan Walsh discuss what the president may be able to accomplish.

New Congress, new start?

  The 113th Congress sworn in is the most diverse in history, but with Speaker John Boehner keeping his leadership role in the House, will anything get done? Joan Walsh of and Columnist Cynthia Tucker join Rev. Al Sharpton.

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  Rice announcement follows month of partisan attacks

After months of partisan attacks from Republicans, Susan Rice withdrew from consideration for secretary of state. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., and editor Joan Walsh react to Rice’s announcement.

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