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Video: International community mobilizes aid to Chile

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    >>> begins now.

    >>> as earthquakes go, it was 500 times more powerful than the one that struck haiti. when it struck chile, there was a big difference. it's enormously better prepared. buildings are better built, emergency services are better. and no two quakes strike quite the same way. the quake was a magnitude 8.8. as of tonight there are over 720 dead according to best estimates. two million people have been displaced. chile needs help, and a lot of it is rushing into that curry. ann curry was able to make it there and is just back from her travels to the epicenter. good evening, ann.

    >> reporter: good evening, brian. this quake took out so many roads and bridges, it's been difficult to get near the epicenter until now. for the first time today, evidence of the power of one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. you can begin to see the extent of the destruction. hundreds of miles, town after town flattened by mother nature . 500,000 homes it damaged or destroyed. major bridges down. some coastal towns hit by the quake and tsunamis, washed away. two million people affected. rescuers are struggling against exhaustion to find people buried alive , especially in concepcion, chile's second largest city. today chaos, more than two days after the quake, fires are still burning in concepcion, this building burning out of control. police and the military out in force making numerous arrests. trying to contain a rising fury, especially for mothers upset about food rationing , saying their children aren't getting enough. to survive, some people admit to taking supplies. this man is saying, i need food. this is what is going to help me. each person thinks what they think, and we do what we have to do. add to that the trauma. these young girls weep not knowing if their father's alive. one saying, please come get me, we're okay, come get us, daddy. rosa sanchez tells us her granddaughter claudia is missing. she's 12 years old, rosa says, we don't know anything, we don't know if she's alive or dead. she can't contain a grief that mirrors a nation's. and there have been more than 128 aftershocks of a magnitude 5 or greater. 14 of them just today. it's helpful to note that the president of chile has said in accepting international aid that field hospitals and rescue teams would be especially welcomed.

    >> ann curry starting us off from santiago tonight.

    >>> tonight there is another measure


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