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More top brands seen disappearing in 2009

Shoppers won't be picking up ornate lamps from the Bombay Co. in the coming year. Or investing with Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. No flying to Hawaii on Aloha Airlines or buying ultra-cheap tickets on Skybus, either.Full story

Hawaiian adding more interisland jets

Planes on Hawaiian interisland routes have been flying full ever since Aloha Airlines stopped operating on April 1, but passengers flying between the islands should soon find themselves with a little more breathing room. Full story

Crowded planes, higher fares on Hawaii routes

Stop by the ticketing hall of Honolulu International Airport's InterIsland Terminal these days, and you'll see what a split personality looks like, up close. One side of the terminal is clogged with passengers, many of them waiting in long lines just to use self-check-in. Full story

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Hawaii adds 3 flights to help standed visitors

Hawaiian Air boosts service after rivals collapse

What to do when your airline goes bankrupt

Aloha Airlines halting passenger service

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