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  Battling Market Headwinds

Impact of Obama's Budget

  Discussing why the President Obama's massive budget poses huge deficit, with David Malpass of Encima Global and Richard Peterson of Standard & Poor's.

Unemployment Rate Drops

  Employment rose far less than expected in January, with CNBC's Hampton Pearson, Rick Santelli & Steve Liesman; Diane Swonk, Mesirow Financial; Mark Zandi, Moody's Analytics; and David Malpass, Encima Global.

Debt & Destruction

  David Malpass of Encima Global will testify on debt issues before the Senate Budget Committee.

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  Global Infation Crisis?

Discussing whether inflation fears really do exist, with Russ Koesterich, BlackRock's iShares Group and David Malpass, Encima Global.

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