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Knox juror says prosecution's case just conjecture

One of the jurors who overturned Amanda Knox's murder conviction says he was never convinced by the "conjecture" of the prosecution's case and that he believed the American student and her co-defendant simply didn't kill her British roommate. Full story

Amanda Knox is a 'she-devil,' Italian lawyer says

An American student accused of killing her roommate in Italy is devoted to satisfying her own appetites, even though she presents an innocent image in court, the lawyer for a man briefly accused of the crime said Monday. Full story

Friend: Knox can't eat, sleep as verdict nears

Amanda Knox can't sleep or eat properly as she awaits to know if an appeals court in Italy will uphold or overturn her murder conviction, a friend of the jailed American student said Sunday. Full story

DNA contamination at heart of Knox's appeal

A forensic police expert who conducted the original investigation in the Amanda Knox case insists there was no contamination on evidence linking the American and her co-defendant to the murder of her British roommate. Full story

Convict says he believes Knox committed murder

The first man convicted in the slaying of Amanda Knox's roommate says he thinks she and her ex-boyfriend are the killers. Full story

Convict says he can clear Amanda Knox

A convicted child murderer has taken the stand at the appeals trial of Amanda Knox, claiming he has information clearing the American student of killing her roommate. Full story

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