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  April 16: Nightly News Saturday broadcast

Making a Difference

  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

April 8: Nightly News Friday broadcast

  Shutdown coming?; Delayed military pay would be 'slap in the face'; Across U.S., talks of shutdown grow caustic; NATO blames chaos for friendly fire in Libya; Missing prostitute case points to serial killer; Japanese town turns to YouTube for help; Making a Difference: Producing jobs for factory wor

Producing jobs for able workers

  Making a Difference: Good news from a factory that provides jobs for some grateful, able workers. NBC's Roger O'Neil reports.

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  April 1: Nightly News Friday broadcast

High-profile defections put pressure on Gadhafi; U.S. mission in Libya; Rallies for Mideast reform meet with resistance; Afghan protest over Quran-burning turns violent; Getting at the job growth numbers; U.S. joins Japan in final sweep for the missing; Tsunami dog rescued in Japan; Butler player's

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