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  Tornado leaves wide path of destruction

Plane slides off the runway

  A Southwest Airlines 737 slid off the runway during heavy rain at Chicago's Midway airport.'s Keva Andersen reports.

Bullet found in man's brain 23 years later

  A man in China sought treatment for epilepsy symptoms, only to have doctors find a bullet that had been lodged in his brain since 1988.'s Keva Andersen reports.

Smoking sections snuffed out by 2020?

  A new report from the CDC predicts that a smoking ban could be in place in every state by 2020.'s Keva Andersen reports.

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  Police clash with Turkish protesters

Protests broke out in Turkey as Kurdish demonstrators took to the streets over a decision to bar some Kurdish candidates from the upcoming election.'s Keva Andersen reports.

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