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  Limbaugh's desperate Psycho Talk

Mathematical Psycho Talk

  Republican Governor Mitch Daniels tries to slam President Obama by invoking Steve Jobs. But he gets his facts drastically wrong. So the Governor's going in Psycho talk.

Sparkly psycho talk

  A very sad Green Bay Packers fan has a unique theory about why her team lost to the NY Giants. Ed has a sparkly surprise for the Packers.

Liz Cheney's back in the Psycho Talk

  Psycho talk: Brand new Fox News contributor Liz Cheney says President Obama is "decimating" the military. But the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says the President is doing "what's best for America." Cheney's back in the zone.

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  "Back into Iraq"!?!

In Psycho talk: Rick Perry wants to re-invade Iraq. Enough said.

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