From Abruzzo Italy up in the mountains. Precious Chipmunk with a flower.
Submitted by Denise Catini

March 12

This week’s top-rated image in our It’s A Snap! photo contest was snapped by one person, submitted by another and loved by thousands.

Vincenzo Catini captured this image of a chipmunk holding a flower in Italy’s Velino Mountains.

Unfortunately, was unable to connect with Catini, who lives in Abruzzo, Italy.

The photo was submitted by Vincenzo’s sister, Denise Catini.

“I’ve been up in the mountains with him many times,” she said of her brother. “That’s his kingdom — he lives up there Saturdays and Sundays.”

More than 3,500 people voted for Catini’s adorable photo. The No. 2-ranked shot, meanwhile, garnered just 481 votes.

Never underestimate the power of cute.


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