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Zuckerberg confirms 'embarrassing and damaging' IMs are his

Earlier this year, we published a series of posts featuring instant messages written by Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.Full story

Tied-up woman uses toes to IM for help

An Atlanta woman who was tied up early Tuesday during a home invasion toe-typed her way to freedom, according to news reports. Full story

Swearing banned from Goldman Sachs email

  After having an expletive from company messages discussed at a Congressional hearing, Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs has banned profanity from company emails, text and instant messages.

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E-mail may be harming your business

Technology that makes the heart grow fonder

New online annoyance: the 'elationship'

The end of instant messaging (as we know it)

Is technology spawning new dating disasters?


  Instant Message Murder, Part 3

Prosecutors laid out the case against Sharee Miller – including an instant message transcript of a conspiracy to murder.