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An elderly Brooklyn couple say they're tired of hearing the phrase, "Police! Open up!"

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Walter Martin, an 83-year-old World War II veteran, and his wife Rose, 82, tell the New York Daily News police have come looking for criminals at their house about 50 times in the past eight years.

It's not clear why.

The Daily News reported its computer search showed 15 other people living at the Marine Park address. The Martins don't know any of them.

Police arrive from all over — from Staten Island precincts to the Bronx — and bang on the door of the Martins' two-story home searching for a different suspect — from alleged murderers to robbers to rogue cops — nearly every time, according to the Daily News.

"I'm really worried," Rose Martin told the paper. "How could so many people get my address and how could cops be coming from so many different precincts?"

Police puzzled
The couple said one of the most bizarre mix-ups came on Oct. 10, 2006, when police and FBI agents rolled up, hunting for then-cop Angel Negron, who was later charged with raping his 14-year-old stepdaughter. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was fired.

"That is one I can't get over," Walter Martin said, unable to understand how the NYPD could not know how to quickly find one of its own.

Even police don't understand why the couple's home continues to be a target.

"Our identity theft squad is investigating the matter," Inspector Ed Mullen, an NYPD spokesman, told the Daily News. He said the NYPD's identity theft squad is investigating.

Earlier this week, officers pounded on both their front and back doors.

Walter Martin says they're respectful — but it still makes his blood pressure soar.

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