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  How millennials see life differently from boomers

Raising decent kids in indecent times

  Psychologist Dale Atkins and blogger from Jenny Isenman discuss tips for parents on how you can raise decent kids in a world full of corruption. They say kids should see you being kind and gracious to others, and also remain calm when having tough conversations with your childr

Are girlfriends the new husbands?

  Anne Fulenwider from Marie Claire and psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins discuss how many women are reaching out and depending on their best friends instead of their spouses to be sympathetic and supportive through life’s triumphs and tragedies.

How you can make your kids feel safe

  Many people can’t get the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting out of their minds, especially your kids. Psychologists Jennifer Hartstein and Dr. Dale Atkins share some ways to help put childrens’ minds at ease.

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  The best way to ‘break up’ with a friend

Psychologist Dale Atkins and Shasta Nelson from explain how to make real friends you can actually count on and offer tips about “breaking up” with someone with whom you used to share a friendship.

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