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House Finance Committee unveils operating budget

The House Finance Committee unveiled a $9.7 billion operating budget for Alaska on Monday, 2 percent less than Gov. Sean Parnell proposed. Full story

Alaska lawmakers raise labor cost concerns

Alaska legislative leaders are urging Gov. Sean Parnell to negotiate no raises in union labor contracts amid concerns about state budget costs. Full story

Smaller companies testify on Alaska tax plan

Independent oil companies offered a mixed assessment Monday of Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell's proposed oil tax overhaul, saying it is a good start but needs additional work. Full story

Alaska Democrats propose oil tax plan

Minority Democrats in the Alaska House and Senate on Monday introduced their own plan for increasing oil production in the state, calling it their alternative to Gov. Sean Parnell's oil tax "giveaway." Full story

Panel: Tax likely contributed to continued decline

A Senate panel said Thursday that Alaska's oil tax system likely helped advance the decline of oil production in the state, but it expressed misgivings with Gov. Sean Parnell's approach to addressing the issue. Full story

Industry: Good points, problems on Alaska oil tax

Gov. Sean Parnell's plan to overhaul Alaska's oil tax structure is a positive step toward improving the state's business climate but there's room for improvement, one of the North Slope's major players says. Full story

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