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Japan Reopens Space Station Control Room After Quake

Japan has reopened its primary mission control center for part of the International Space Station, 11 days after it was damaged by the massive earthquake that struck the country. Full story

Disaster doesn't keep Japan from reaching for the stars

As Japan reels from the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck earlier this month, one of the country's astronauts is soldiering on with training for his upcoming mission to the International Space Station. Full story

Spacewalking Astronauts Capture Space in a Bottle

Two astronauts working outside the International Space Station (ISS) today (Feb. 28) collected an unusual souvenir of their spacewalk: a bottle full of space. Full story

Japanese Cargo Spacecraft to Launch Toward Space Station

Japan is poised to launch its second-ever unmanned cargo vessel to the International Space Station early Saturday morning (Jan. 22). The vessel, which was initially scheduled to launch Thursday (Jan 20), was delayed due to poor weather forecasts. Full story

Japanese Venus probe may get another shot

A Japanese spacecraft that overshot Venus last month may get a chance to redeem itself one year earlier than scientists had originally thought. Full story

Japanese investigate Venus probe failure

A Japanese probe that failed to enter orbit around Venus Monday night may have been damaged by an impacting object, according to news reports. Full story

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Solar sail camera spots cosmic explosion

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Asteroid probe makes its way back to Earth

Crescent Earth photographed from deep space

Japan launches Venus probe and solar sail

Orbiter will take aim at Venusian mysteries

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Japan cargo craft docking
Japan cargo craft docking

This Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 photo provided by ESA/NASA, shows Canadarm2 extended towards the first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency cargo ship, the H-II Transfer Vehicle "Kounotori2." Japan's space agency JAXA says the transport vehicle was grabbed by the ISS's robotic arm just before midnight T