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    >>> to do it again. siemens .

    >>> a new article in newsweek magazine addition deep into the article grabbing headlines for month. so-called patriot groups and militias pitting federal government against people. patriot groups on the rise. take a look at this. there are 512 of these groups operating in our country and 127 of those are so-called militias. by suggesting a revolution , are these so-called patriot groups setting the stage for some kind of violent showdown? is that what they want? newsweek journalist here with us, she poses that question. thanks for joining me.

    >> thank you.

    >> first, why did you decide to call the article "hate." is this all about hate from these groups and militias.

    >> there's different words you could use to describe it. hate, fear. a lot of groups are based on fear and paranoia and the idea the government is out to do something against them. that fuels this hate and fear and paranoia you see in calls to lawmakers especially surrounding the health care debate and to the growth of militia groups that do go out into the woods practicing firearms, as we saw in michigan, to groups that are more internet-based or basically raising awareness to the issue. there's different degrees on the scale of the hate and the fear. but the point that the southern poverty law center is making and groups are making when we learn about them in the news and they have been discovered is this they are on the rise. they are very animated. a lot of what is happening today in the country is really concerning them and animating them.

    >> some people point to the fact congress is controlled by democrats , you have the first african- american president as a reason for the rise. in oklahoma city , the bombing, at that time the president wasn't black. what does that time have in common with now. we certainly saw a lot of militia groups and a lot of rage in 1995 .

    >> i think there are different things that come up. immigration, there's a huge amount of immigration in the 90s and obviously more now. that has fueled a great deal of it, especially in border states . and just sort of what we have now is the economy. you have barack obama , and you have an incredible sensitivity with the war on drugs and everything we're seeing in the border areas. those three things combined now that is fueling it. i think 9/11 perhaps calmed things down with patriot groups. people focused. there was more of a collective countrywide focus on a common enemy overseas. that sort of dissipated now. now we're looking at the economy, barack obama and the border. a little less focused on the cohesiveness that the country saw closer to 9/11.

    >> eve, are these members saying they want a violent showdown. that was the question posed in the intro to you. that's what they are saying they want.

    >> they are different groups. i would say most of the groups we looked at for this piece are not saying they are on the offensive but that they are on the defensive, that it's the government up against them. as soon as the government makes the move, they need to be prepared. they need to be armed. they need to be practiced. they need to be organized. for that reason they are in preparations. so it's always an idea of a defense, a counter strike . it's not necessarily the first step. however, there is in certain groups, skinhead groups, other extremist groups , this idea there should be a revolution there, should be a war. when they get enough people together they can do that. oftentimes the violence we see with the irs building, lone wolves , not necessarily part of a group .

    >> eve, thank you very much . the article is called "hate." thank you, eve. fantastic article.

    >>> rachel mad owe will host a special on the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing . mcveigh tapes, confessions of an american terrorists. ah! silver one. that's not a volkswagen . *

updated 4/12/2010 1:32:25 PM ET 2010-04-12T17:32:25

Federal agents investigating what they describe as a Christian militia bent on violence against police seized suspected crack cocaine and steroids, weapons, gas masks and a book of Adolf Hitler's speeches during raids of members' homes last month, according to search warrant records.

The raids were conducted over a 4½-hour span in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana on the night of March 27.

Authorities recovered hand grenade instructions, a container of potassium chlorate and other items during a raid that night at the southern Michigan home of David Stone, the suspected leader of the Hutaree.

Federal prosecutors say Stone and eight other members of the militia plotted the mass killings of police officers as a prelude to a larger war against the government. They are charged with seditious conspiracy, or plotting to levy war against the U.S., and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

The Associated Press on Monday reviewed dozens of pages of search warrant records that were filed last week in federal court.

The items seized by agents included:

  • Two cardboard tubes with green/cannon fuse; a 6-by-¾-inch-gallon nipple with end caps; a two-page document about a funnel shape charge; a 2005 daily planner book; a grenade holder; a Hutaree flag; three DVDs labeled "Waco"; a notebook detailing the doctrine and ranks of the Hutaree; and gas masks; at Stone's trailer home in Lenawee County's Dover Township.
  • Suspected crack cocaine and steroids and a lock pick set at the mobile home of suspected Hutaree member Kristopher Sickles in Sandusky, Ohio.
  • A copy of "My New Order" by Hitler; a samurai sword; a jeweled dagger; and a CD titled "Explosives, Ordnance and Demolition;" at the two-story home of suspected Hutaree member Thomas Piatek in Whiting, Ind.

Messages seeking comments were left Monday with lawyers for Stone, Sickles and Piatek.

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