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    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: First lady Michelle Obama paid a surprise visit to Haiti today on her way to Mexico , her first solo trip overseas as first lady. Joining her in her travels, the vice president's wife Jill Biden . Their visit comes 13 weeks to the day after Haiti 's devastating earthquake. Our chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman is in Port -au-Prince. Nancy , good evening .

    Dr. NANCY SNYDERMAN reporting: Good evening , Brian . Michelle Obama is making the world 's children a top priority , and today she came to Haiti to offer support to some of the children who need it the most. They came for a firsthand look, and their helicopter tour took Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden over a city still reeling from January's earthquake. After touching down at the presidential palace in Port -au-Prince to meet President Rene Preval and his wife, Elizabeth ...

    Ms. MICHELLE OBAMA: Powerful. Devastation is definitely powerful.

    SNYDERMAN: ...the next stop was a visit to a special arts program . Haiti 's first lady set it up to help children cope in the aftermath of the quake .

    Group of Children: Welcome Welcome!

    SNYDERMAN: Greeted by children singing welcome, Mrs. Obama joined right in, dancing and trying her hand at painting. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden 's visit was unannounced and security very tight. At a news conference, Mrs. Obama said, although the road ahead would not be easy, Haiti has the US's support .

    Ms. OBAMA: After so much loss, how on earth can you still have hope? Well, we have hope because we've been inspired, inspired by the resilience and the faith of the Haitian people , people who have lost everything.

    SNYDERMAN: It was also a new beginning for the students at the Brazil school . It's now three months since the earthquake, and this is the first day back at school for these girls . But school isn't going to be in the damaged building behind me. Instead, the learning and the real sense of community is taking place in the temp classrooms. Teacher Edward Eugene welcomed his class back, but told his students some of their classmates would never be coming back. At this one school alone, 150 students are still missing, a grim reminder that Haiti will never be the same again . But nonetheless, signs of life exist.


    SNYDERMAN: Seventh grader Darlene says, ` Life goes on . We have to get back to school .' This evening , Mrs. Obama is en route to Mexico City , where she will continue her first trip for the first time alone as first lady. Her focus continues to be on the world 's children . Brian :

    WILLIAMS: Dr. Nancy Snyderman in Haiti for us tonight . Nancy , thanks.

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