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    >>> not just on air travel .

    >>> pro gun activists are holding two separate rallies near the nation's capital. in northern virginia members of restore the constitution group plan to carry their guns to a rally at the national park off the potomac river . also going on now a rally organized by the second amendment march at the washington monument . no guns allowed at the event because of d.c. 's ban on handguns. liz foley, media drr for the second amendment march . thank you for joining me today.

    >> thank you for having me.

    >> tell me in your words , what is the goal, what message does your organization want to send not only to the country but the world since this is getting so much attention.

    >> i think we just want to remind folks of the freedoms our founders fought for and won. we want to make sure those freedoms don't go away. we're here to protect the bill of rights , first amendment that gives me the right to talk about it and second amendment which gives the right to protect all other amendments provided for in the constitution .

    >> your organization says the timing is the result of lexington and concord . you've got people in oklahoma city mourning the loss of 168 americans , 600 others who were injured. they believe this is just the wrong time. right now the rhetoric in this country is so intense and the possibility of violence so much of a reality that this is just not the right time when we're honoring americans who lost their lives 15 years ago.

    >> absolutely. we mourn with them and we honor them as well. however, i think it's important to remember that today is patriot' s day . all americans need to step up. i think, i hope if we do anything we galvanize and inspire all americans to become patriots and to get involved and stay involved with our government . you've got to vote. you've got to get out there. you've got to know the issues. you've got to protect what we have in this country . it is like no other country in the world . we don't want to see that change for any reason.

    >> liz , do you and this organization feel there is change because of the new administration ? what do you believe most puts the values you say are in jeopardy at risk.

    >> i do. i think we have seen a significant change in the direction of where this country is headed. i know i'm personally involved in other grassroots organizations, tea party , and we're very concerned. health care scared the bee n.ebers out of a lot of people. that's why i got involved in the march . i'm a licensed concealed handgun carrier in the great state of texas . i felt why not come to d.c. , our nation's heart. of all cities that should be the most free, it's the most restrictive. if you look at the statistics, it's got one of the highest crime rates .

    >> let me ask you this, first read political team noted it was president obama who expanded gun rights more than any other democratic president when he signed legislation into law that among things allows people like yourself to carry a handgun at national parks what do you say to that, liz ?

    >> i think that was a great thing to do. proud of that. however, i think you have to be careful for what happens on the forefront that should have already been in place to what's happening behind the scenes . i think we all need to pay very close attention to any conversations that folks are having with the u.n. i think we need to watch at the state , the local level. i mean, here in d.c. , you know, we've got dick heller here from the supreme court case. he's back in court because there are still too many restrictions in the nation's capital.

    >> liz foley with the second amendment march happening now. thank you for joining us.

    >> thank you.

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