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Guest: Sen. Patrick Leahy, Joan Walsh, Brian Bilbray, Mike Papantonio, Michael Graham, Sam Stein, Nick Shay, Mary Ann Patti, Joe Arpaio

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST:  Good evening, Americans, and welcome to THE

ED SHOW tonight.  From New York, these stories are hitting my Hot Buttons

at this hour.  The Times Square terror suspect is behind bars, and he‘s

talking to investigators, and we‘re not even torturing him.

And that, of course, is making the republicans go crazy.  They can‘t

stand the fact that the President of the United States is succeeding when

it comes to keeping us safe.  Much more on that in just a moment.

And the party of big oil is trying to blame President Obama for the

disaster in The Gulf.  Didn‘t move fast enough.  Mr. Heck-of-a-job Michael

Brown says the president deliberately delayed the federal response to make

drilling look dangerous and get political gain. I got commentary on that.

Plus, a majority of Americans support Arizona‘s harsh, new anti-

immigration law.  America‘s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is going to be

here to talk about that, and why he‘s not running governor.  It‘s all

coming up tonight on THE ED SHOW. Thanks for joining us.

This is the story that‘s got me fired up tonight.  The Republican

Party, they just can‘t stand the fact that the president of the United

States Barack Obama is keeping America safe.  They will never be able to

bring themselves to give him any credit whatsoever.

And at this hour, the Times Square bomber is sitting in a jail cell,

and he is making major confessions.  The government complaint?  Well, they

say that he‘s even fessed up to receiving explosives training in Pakistan,

yet all the right wing can do is absolutely complain.

They were at it bright and early this morning.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO HOST:  Guess what?  Faisal Shahzad is a

registered Democrat.  I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it. 

Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat.



GLENN BECK, FOX NEWS HOST:  I hope that we‘re holding him in our arms

right now and cradling him and asking him why.  Why?  What don‘t we

understand about you?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Mr. Obama has made things much, much worse because

he promised the Muslim world things that he will never do.  He recognized

that our relationship with the Israelis was a problem.  He‘s never going to

change that.

He accepted the courtesy and even hugged Hosni Mubarak, who is one of

the most brutal dictators in the Muslim world.  He bowed to the Saudi king

when he was out there in Saudi Arabia showing his subservience. 


SCHULTZ:  Who are these people routing for?  Do their people have to

be in power all the time?  Elections don‘t matter, or they‘ll turn against

the country?  The war monger had to get in on the action too. 

John McCain said this on a radio show this morning.  “Don‘t give this

guy Miranda Rights until we find out what he‘s all about.”  Justice, huh? 

The Obama haters can‘t handle the fact that President Obama is getting

the job done when it comes to fighting terrorism.  They miss the Bush-

Cheney leadership and diplomacy, right? 

The president got his proverbial, I guess you could say, three a.m. 

called and responded like a real leader.  Here‘s how you‘re supposed to do

it, and he did.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  As Americans, and as a nation, we will not be

terrorized.  We will not cower in fear. We will not be intimidated. We will

be vigilant, and we will work together. 

And we will protect and defend the country we love to ensure a safe

and prosperous future for our people.  That‘s what I intend to do as

president and that‘s what we will do as a nation.


SCHULTZ:  Such a difference in the demeanor from the last guy and the

smart guy.  President Obama doesn‘t need to run down the field and spike

the ball in front of the cameras. 

You know, his policies have got Al Qaeda on the run in the Middle

East.  Don‘t—aren‘t you righties out there, aren‘t you excited about the

fact that he‘s beefed up troops in Afghanistan?

And he‘s putting suspected terrorists behind bars right here in the

United States.  The world appreciates the fact that America elected the

smart guy, and then put an end to all this cowboy diplomacy.

We actually talk to people now.  The conservatives want you to believe

that they are the only ones that can keep this country safe.  And it just

kills them every time a democrat looks tough and effective on terrorism.

The Republican Party and their psycho-talkers have been on a longtime

mission to see President Obama fail ever since day one, even on national


And do you remember early in 2009 when this pair was coming out just

ripping on the president?  Dick Cheney and his arrogant daughter have run

around this country for the last 18 months screaming about how President

Obama is making us less safe.

The Cheneys, I think, don‘t have the character to give this president

the credit that he deserves or this country when we get a victory on

fighting terrorism.

And if you‘re thinking about voting in the midterms, let‘s just get it

on, because you can go with the republicans who side with Wall Street; who

side with big oil; who protect big insurance; and claim to have a lock on

the market when it comes to protecting the country.

And their silence is absolutely deafening. I bet it just tore up Mitch

McConnell today to go to the floor of the Senate and just make a couple of

words for the record. But the sound chamber is what counts. 

That‘s who‘s leading the Republican Party, and they can‘t stand the

fact that the due diligence, the cross-checking of the agencies—which we

didn‘t have during the Bush Administration—got the job done.  And they

paid attention to what people were saying.

Tell me what you think about this in our telephone survey tonight,

folks.  The number to dial is 1-877-EDMSNBC. Our question tonight is:  Do

you feel safer under the Obama Administration‘s watch? Press 1 for yes. 

Press 2 for no, and I‘ll bring you the results later on in the show.

Joining me now is Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the

Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator, good to have you with us tonight. 

It‘s been too long.  How you been?


very well, Ed, and it‘s good to be with you.

SCHULTZ:  Good to be with you, my friend.  All right.  We read Miranda

Rights.  We didn‘t torture, and we‘re getting information.  This is kind of

a textbook case on how it‘s supposed to work, isn‘t it?

LEAHY:  Listen, I spent eight years in law enforcement, and this has

been perfect all the way through.  You had Ray Kelly, Commissioner of

Police in New York City, his people did a textbook fashion.

And Bob Mueller from the FBI, Eric Holder from the Justice Department,

they all worked together and they got the person.  They got the person.

Apparently from what we‘ve read they‘ve gotten cooperation.  The press

is even reporting—I don‘t know if they saw it or not—but we‘re even

getting cooperation from Pakistan, but the most important thing, we got the

person who did this.

They crossed all the T‘s.  They dotted all the I‘s.  But what I find

frustrating are the people—Mr. Limbaugh, of course, said he wants the

president to fail even though the country would fail. 

This really bothers me because after 9-11 even though the ball had

been dropped, even though 9-11 could have been avoided if everybody had

done what they should have, democrats and republicans came together and

said, okay, that happened.  Let‘s make it better so this doesn‘t happen


We have steadily improved the law enforcement and the intelligence

agencies working the best today they‘ve worked in my 35 years here in the

Senate under either democrats or republicans. 

We are taking out Al Qaeda leaders all over the world.  I wish we

could talk—we can‘t, but I wish we could talk publicly about all the

plots that we‘ve disrupted, that we stopped before they even got to our

soil.  It‘s been one success after another.

SCHULTZ:  One of the things, Senator, that we‘ve seen is the

conversation in law enforcement community actually complaints to the

previous eight years about how there was not the proper communication that

took place.

And one former law enforcement official told me today, who‘s now a

private investigator, there were not star seekers in this.  There wasn‘t

anybody doing any headline grabbing.  It was just the due diligence of

these agencies working together and following up and getting it done.

LEAHY:  They were working.


LEAHY:  Go ahead.

SCHULTZ:  How much credit does the president get?  How much credit

does his administration get when this happens?  I mean obviously the people

in law enforcement certainly love the country as much as the last crowd.

LEAHY:  They all deserve credit, because they worked so well together. 

The president was getting briefing almost hourly, sometimes more than that

by Mr. Brennan.  He was on top of all this.

But he trusted the professionals to go out and do the work they had to

do.  They did it—the professionals in New York City worked well. The

federal authorities, the state authorities and local.

I mean, as one who‘s spent eight years in law enforcement, I can not

think of a case where they have worked so well together.  And they ought to

be praised for this.  Not these nitpicking, the people who sit back and had

nothing to do with it, trying to second-guess it.

They‘ve done very well, and as we know, they gained a lot of

cooperation from this person.

SCHULTZ:  Here‘s Attorney General Eric Holder talking about the

situation today and what came down.


ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL:  We anticipate charging him with an act

of terrorism transcending national borders; attempted use of a weapon of

mass destruction; use of a destructive device during the commission of

another crime; as well as assorted explosives charges.


SCHULTZ:  So Senator, are we going to have a big debate and discussion

in this country now about where we try him?  Are we going to try him in

Manhattan, New York?  Or are we going to try him in Manhattan, Kansas? 

What do you think?

LEAHY:  I hope we try him right in a court that knows how to handle

this.  We‘ve tried a lot of these major cases in New York City, and we‘ve

gotten the convictions there.

I‘ll leave it to the prosecutors to pick the venue, but I would rather

be the prosecutor than the defense attorney on this one.

SCHULTZ:  After the confessions, absolutely.

LEAHY:  Well, they‘ve got a really good case, and it shows.  What

happens is you have the people do all the rhetoric, oh, we got to pass up

this.  We got to short change this.  No, they‘re not the ones who were

doing the work. 

SCHULTZ:  And finally, Senator—

LEAHY:  The ones that are doing the work did it right.

SCHULTZ:  And finally, Senator, doesn‘t the silence of Dick Cheney,

doesn‘t that—don‘t you think that‘s rather interesting at this point?

LEAHY:  Well, he knows they‘ve done a better job than he ever saw when

he was there.  And he realizes if he tries to criticize this, people will

point out they did a better job than they did under his watch.

SCHULTZ:  Senator, great to have you with us tonight.  Thanks so much.

LEAHY:  Thank you.

SCHULTZ:  Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Pat Leahy, with us here

on THE ED SHOW.  Let‘s go now to Joan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief, Salon.com. 

The discussion that‘s out there by the right wing is almost as if they are

anti-success when it comes to fighting terrorism.  Or am I overreacting to

this?  What do you think, Joan?

JOAN WALSH, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, SALON.COM:  No, I don‘t think you‘re

overreacting, Ed.  You know, I was listening to MSNBC this morning, and

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers was calling this a success for terrorism

just because the guy got the SUV into Times Square.

And let me say I was born in New York.  My daughter goes to school in

New York.  Your show is in New York.  None of us want there to be any

threat of terrorism in New York. But we‘re also grown-ups, and we‘re New

Yorkers at heart.

And we know it‘s going to happen from time to time.  And then what

happened was textbook New York.  You had some really street savvy vendors

who did the right thing.  They found a cop.  The cop investigated.  The

rest of the cops came.

And then the federal government got involved, and then they found this

guy within 48 hours.  How awesome is that?  I mean we don‘t know—we

can‘t say we‘re safe.  We can‘t say it‘s completely over.  But so far, as

the Senator said, it has worked wonderfully.

We should all be applauding it to this point.  And instead, these

jackals are braying and making politics out of it.  You know, it‘s just

what they do.

SCHULTZ:  Now, I want to bring up the point, because you were recently

in a discussion on a number of different media levels about the left versus

right and who‘s saying what and how it‘s being said.

How would you characterize the sound cuts that I played earlier in

this segment of both Limbaugh and Beck, the demeanor.  It sounded as if

they were—they didn‘t want the president to win at any level.

WALSH:  Well, they don‘t.  They—

SCHULTZ:  You believe that?

WALSH:  Well, I mean, Rush has said it.  I take him at his word.  He

wants the president to fail, which I do agree with Senator Leahy, that

means he wants the country to fail.

Glenn Beck, you know, he‘s got serious problems that I‘m not equipped

to diagnose.  I don‘t really know what he thinks.  He‘s really a puzzle to

me.  But they clearly—they‘re getting wealthy off betting against this

president, riling people up, making people think this president is making

us less safer rather than more safer.

Again, as Senator Leahy said, they have foiled many plots.  But you

know, they can‘t ever give him credit for anything.  They never will, and

it‘s just up to the rest of us to call them out on it and focus the country

on the things that matter, which is, you know, we‘re fighting this.

We‘re never going to be completely safe, but they are apparently doing

a very good job to this point.

SCHULTZ:  Joan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief, Salon.com, thanks for your time


WALSH:  Thanks, Ed.

SCHULTZ:  Coming up, the wackos across the street are playing dirty

politics when it comes to The Gulf oil disaster.  I‘m taking on Caribou

Barbie and Slant Head at the bottom of the hour, and it‘s going to be easy


And the righties are making headway.  You won‘t believe how many

Americans want to see your papers.  I‘m going to go head-to-head with

Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray next on this show.

Plus, the Beckster proves that he is the mother of all haters in The

Zone.  And Michele Bachmann, believe it or not, has got a brother psycho-

talker in politics up in Minnesota.  I‘ll tell you all about that.  You‘re

watching THE ED SHOW on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ:  Welcome back to THE ED SHOW, and thanks for watching

tonight.  The harsh, anti-immigration law in Arizona has taken a lot of

heat for allegedly encouraging legal racial profiling.

But even as Arizona republicans are trying to soften the law with

changes, a new poll shows the majority of Americans are pretty much okay

with it.

In a New York Times/CBS News poll, 51 percent say the current Arizona

law is about right.  Thirty-six percent say it goes too far.  Nine percent

say it doesn‘t go far enough. 

In Arizona, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has hit a roadblock in his

efforts to challenge the new state law, which he calls embarrassing.  But

the city attorney says the mayor can‘t sue the state without the city

council‘s authorization.

Mayor Gordon is now asking the United States Justice Department to

take a stand.  For more, let me bring in California Congressman Brian

Bilbray.  He‘s the chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus.

Congressman, good to have you with us tonight.  We have some agreement

in some areas on this, but specifically on this law in Arizona, the fight

that‘s going on, do you really think that we‘re making headway when it

comes to securing our borders, making sure everybody‘s paying their taxes?

I mean, where are we going with this whole conversation in this

country in your opinion?

REP. BRIAN BILBRAY ®, CALIFORNIA:  Ed, we ought to be finding those

things we do agree on.  Look, I grew up on the border.  I‘m probably the

only member of Congress to have rescued illegals when they were drowning. 

I was a lifeguard.  I recovered their bodies.  I saw them slaughtered on

the freeways. 

But, you know, we always talk about securing the borders when you and

I know the problem is not at the border.  That‘s a symptom.  The real

problem is that Washington D.C. had to have clear and precise procedures to

stop employers from hiring people illegally. 

And then you wouldn‘t have people going through the neighborhoods of

Arizona and creating the problems and the crisis that Arizonans are trying

to address, and people may not agree with the way they‘re addressing it.  

But I think everybody agrees that there‘s real justification for

Arizona, and a lot of people along the border, to be frustrated that the

rest of the country isn‘t requiring employers to stop the problem.

SCHULTZ:  So Congressman, there‘s 10 states out there that pretty much

want to emulate what Arizona is doing.  There‘s a poll out there that says

51 percent of Americans are in favor of what‘s happening here. 

Does this mean that the country is behind Arizona?

BILBRAY:  Well, I think it‘s that Arizona was behind the federal

government‘s program.  And Ed, the 287-G—which is a federal program—

what they‘d done is they‘ve implemented as a statewide program.

Cities and counties around this country have implemented 287-G, which

is a federal program that even President Obama has been pushing very

strongly on.


BILBRAY:  The real problem here is that it outlaws amnesty cities. 

And I think a lot of people really resent the state telling the cities that

they can‘t put a gag order on their law enforcement on this issue.

You know, there are federal issues that law enforcement gets involved

with all the time.  Bank robbery is a federal issue.  Drug smuggling is a

federal law.  But we don‘t tell local law enforcement they can‘t


But again, I think the one thing here is you‘ve got to do it within

the constitution.  You‘ve got to set very clear guidelines that you can not

use racial profiling, and I—

SCHULTZ:  Well that‘s the fear in all of this.

BILBRAY:  -- identify people with. Well it‘s—

SCHULTZ:  That‘s the fear in this Arizona law, that that‘s what it‘s

going to lead to.  There‘s a lot of room for human error in all of this. 

But the fact that ten states have gone on to it, and there‘s probably going

to be more I think is very telling.

One more point I want to make with you.  If we‘re headed towards

immigration reform in this country, wouldn‘t this be a good political stand

for the republicans to take, to reach out to the president?

Wouldn‘t this be one issue?  Because let‘s face it, votes do count.

BILBRAY:  Well, I think the one issue you get into is Arizona two

years ago implemented E-Verify and everybody thought that was going to be

the end of the world.

SCHULTZ:  Yeah, but E-Verify, Congressman, I have to challenge you on

that.  E-Verify is a program, and not every employer goes by it. There‘s a

lot of cheating going on out there.

BILBRAY:  And that is why what you do with the Shuler Bill, which is a

democrat bill, you also require that you got to E-Verify and check if you

want to take IRS write-offs. 

And you and I know, Ed, you want to crack down on employers, you have

the IRS auditing them for tax evasion when they hired illegals.  Not just

the INS, and you and I know that‘ll put the fear of God in them and be able

to really make the point that we need to focus on the fact that illegal

employers start getting nailed, they will be too frightened to continue the


SCHULTZ:  I‘m all for that.  I‘m all for going after people that hire

illegals. I‘m also all for getting more people paying taxes and getting

money in to the treasury which immigration reform would do for this

country.  Congressman, good to have you with us tonight.  Thanks for your


BILBRAY:  Thank you very much.

SCHULTZ:  Coming up, chalk up another one for Glenn Beck.  He‘s found

a way to trash Mother‘s Day.  Only he could do it.  That lands him in The



SCHULTZ:  And another classic in Psycho Talk tonight.  The Beckster is

at it again.  Yesterday, he was in the middle of doing a Mother‘s Day theme

spot for Vermont Teddy Bear Company, but you know, the guy just couldn‘t

hold back.  He stopped to rail against Mother‘s Day.


GLENN BECK, FOX HOST:  Vermont Teddy Bear is getting ready for

Mother‘s Day weekend.  Mother‘s Day.  It‘s a scam. It‘s a big business

scam. Mother‘s Day started in 1914. Woodrow Wilson.  I hate that guy.  Love

my mom.  Hate the holiday. 

Now, you go to Hallmark because Hallmark and Woodrow Wilson would like

you to do that.  Well there‘s something new from Vermont Teddy Bear.  Three

handmade teddy bears in pink, green and white.

The bears are scented, each one with a different scent --  strawberry,

watermelon, and cupcake.  It‘s like a bouquet of flowers only it‘s a bear

bouquet for life. 

Something new this year for mom to let her know that you love her and

you‘re thinking about her.  Don‘t forget, guys.  It‘s Sunday.


SCHULTZ:  You know, I‘m guessing an anti-Mother‘s Day rant wasn‘t

exactly what the advertiser had in mind for his commercial.  Although, the

Beckster may actually want to re-think things.

After all, the Teddy Bear was named after one of his favorite

progressive punching bags, President Teddy Roosevelt.  Glenn Beck‘s attack

on Mother‘s Day in the middle of a Mother‘s Day commercial.  It is complete

Psycho Talk.

And the Psycho Talk continues from the righties on The Gulf oil

disaster.  Slick Rick‘s talking about an act of God?  And heck-of-a-job

Brownie says Obama wanted this to happen.  What? 

Mike Papantonio brings the Straight Talk in just a moment.  And the

alleged Times Square bomber is behind bars and spilling his guts to

officials. I want to know where Shooter and his daughter are.

They just refuse to give the president any credit for keeping America

safe. Plus, why on earth did the cops think it was necessary to tase a 17-

year-old kid at a Philly—he‘s a Phillies fan—at a ballpark last

night.  Come on. 

I‘ll show you that tape in The Playbook.  You‘re watching THE ED SHOW

on MSNBC.  Stay with us.


SCHULTZ:  It‘s the Battleground Issue.  Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. 

Thanks for watching tonight.  The party of big oil is trying to play

politics with the disaster in the Gulf Coast.  They are spewing lies about

the Obama administration‘s response.

First up, former FEMA director, and alleged hero, Michael Brown—you

know, the guy who did a heck of a job responding to hurricane Katrina?  I

mean, such a heck of a job that Fox decided to have him on yesterday and

give his expert opinion on how President Obama is handling the crisis. 


MICHAEL BROWN, FMR. FEMA DIRECTOR:  Only now is the president

appearing to be engaged.  And I think the delay was this: it‘s pure

politics.  This president has never supported big oil.  He has never

supported offshore drilling.  And now he has an excuse to shut it back

down.  This is exactly what they want because now he can pander to the

environmentalists and say, I‘m going to shut it down because it‘s too



SCHULTZ:  Well, stay tuned, because Brownie is coming up with Chris

Matthews on “HARDBALL” following this show. Brownie thinks that President

Obama was not engaged.  Now, this is the same guy back on August 31st,

2005, that was told that the situation in New Orleans was, quote, “past

critical,” and that, quote, “many will die within hours.”  And his press

secretary e-mail that, you know, they should, you know, schedule more time

for dinner.  There was an e-mail exchange that says all of that.  Brownie,

you were doing a heck of a job. 

Sean Hannity also brought up Katrina on his show last night, whining,

just whining, about a double standard.  He said that President Bush was,

quote, “what! for fumbling the Katrina response, while no one is

criticizing President Obama.”


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  They were there and on it from day

one, and it‘s 1,000 barrels a day.  They would have burned this thing off,

and it could have been far less catastrophic.  Ten days, the government did

nothing.  But they claim they were there from day one.  I want them to be

honest with the American people. 


SCHULTZ:  Honest?  Honest with the American people?  Let‘s see, early

on, we were told by the oil experts, it‘s not really leaking, it‘s not

really that bad.  Don‘t worry about it.  How are you supposed to respond to


Now, I don‘t want to minimize what‘s happening in the Gulf right now,

but let‘s be serious.  Hurricane Katrina was the worst natural disaster—

natural disaster in this country‘s history.  And more than 1,300 people

died.  Americans died, drowned, waiting for the Bush administration to get

its act together instead of strumming the guitar. 

Unlike the oil rig explosion, the hurricane wasn‘t a surprise.  The

Bush people had plenty of advance warning.  Now, Brownie, didn‘t you have

some satellite pictures of this big thing in the Gulf that was heading

towards the coast?  And you did what?  They chose to do nothing but sit and

watch the news. 

Now, there is room for criticism that the federal government for

allowing offshore drilling in the first place.  Why do we even have that? 

And not requiring oil companies to pay for emergency shutoff involves.  How

about that? 

Let‘s bring in environmental lawyer Mike Papantonio, who is the firm

leading the class action lawsuit against BP.  If I have to, I‘m going have

you on every night! I‘m not getting off this story. 

MIKE PAPANTONIO, ATTORNEY AGAINST BP:  Ed, I can listen to you every

night, my friend.  You are delivering the message.  I‘ve got—I‘ll assure

you of that.  The country knows that, and we appreciate it. 

SCHULTZ:  Go ahead.  Have at it. 

PAPANTONIO:  There is a formula for corporate response when corporate

America creates a catastrophe like this.  The first thing we se is we see a

misdirect anger.  Change the direction of anger, take it to somebody else. 

So we have these corporate shields from the oil industry that are focusing

on the Obama government, saying Obama didn‘t do this, didn‘t do that.  They

ignore—they ask you to ignore and look away at the fact that you have

these companies that intentionally brought about a failure that is


Now, look, it‘s very popular to misdirect.  And one way you do that is

you scare the hell out of people.  Scare tactic we‘re seeing right now, the

American Petroleum Institute.  Look at what they‘re saying.  Let me distill

what they‘re saying.  They‘re saying be very, very afraid if you don‘t have

our fossil fuel.  Be very afraid if we close down, because it will mean a

horrible death for all Americans.  That‘s the first scary thing.

We see Sarah Palin drilling.  Here‘s what Sarah Palin—here‘s her

message, that drilling is going to make us secure.  It‘s going to make us

prosperous and more peaceful.  And if we don‘t have drilling, we‘re not

going to have those things. 

And then, Ed, it really gets crazy.  You have what I call the crazy

bumpkin talk.  That‘s where you have the people you talk about all of the

time.  You have the Tom Delay knock off, Rick Perry, saying God caused all

this.  You have the AM radio burn out Rush Limbaugh saying that—blame it

on crazed eco maniacs who caused this disaster. 

But you know what?  Here‘s what‘s ugly, Ed.  There is an audience—

the Tea Bag mentality audience want to hear this.  We can‘t believe it.  We

can‘t believe that people would buy this.  But there is a Tea Bagger

mentality that wants to hear this crazy talk. 

And corporate America knows that.  You could go back in every one of

these catastrophic disasters and hear the flying monkeys like we‘re seeing

today being unleashed by corporate America.  You‘re going to see the clown

car every time, unload next to the curb, and have the Glenn Becks and the

Rush Limbaughs and the Mike Browns, you name it, all the crazy talk we‘re

going to hear.  And there is a part of America that buys that and corporate

America knows it. 

SCHULTZ:  This is just—the rationalization that‘s taking place is

border line comic.  Rick Perry, governor of Texas, “from time to time,

there are going to be things that occur that are acts of god that cannot be


Now, here‘s the thing, it was no act of god for them to go down and

seek out profit at a place where they had never been before with an

exploratory rig that they didn‘t have the safety measures on or enacted. 

And now for BP to come out and say well, it‘s really not our fault.  The

hell it wasn‘t, they were going to be the ones getting the money off this

thing, on the heels of record profits. 

What are you hearing from the people?  What are they saying to you

about this class action lawsuit and going after?  Do you have the people

behind you? 

PAPANTONIO:  They are behind this.  There is not enough money BP is

able to throw at it at this point.  Here‘s what they‘ve done.  They have

put together a virtual army of reptilian lobbyists, of three piece suit

lawyer types, that have converged on this coast.  We have a lobby that‘s

been paid 16 million dollars last year.  This year, the projection is the

same BP lobby will be paid 80 million dollars. 

So what they‘re doing, Ed, they‘re talking not to the people.  The

people are just the first—this lobby money is going to Washington.  And

we have characters like Jeff Miller, who is our local congressman, who

says, gee whiz, we need to drill anyway. 

SCHULTZ:  We also have—this really is a time, Mike—and I‘m short

on time here.  This really is a time for liberals and environmentalists in

this country to push back.  If we don‘t do it now, I don‘t know when it‘s

going to happen.  You have the Supreme Court out there ruling that

corporations can give as much money as they want to an issue or a

candidate.  That‘s the scary thing behind this. 

Mike Papantonio, keep up the fight.  Good to have you with us tonight.

Let‘s get some rapid response from our panel on these stories tonight. 

Less than 72 hours after police stopped a bomb in Times Square, the suspect

is in custody, and he‘s talking.  That‘s how the fight against terrorism is

going on President Obama‘s watch.  And the righties, they just can‘t stand


Republican Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona thinks it‘s appropriate to joke

about drowning the president, the Democratic leaders in the Congress. 

Well, he got a big laugh at the Republican retreat when he joked, “if

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are in a row boat, and it springs

a leak and starts to sink, who gets saved?  The American people.”

With us tonight, Sam Stein, political reporter, “Huffington Post,” and

Michael Graham, radio talk show host and author of the book—boy, am I

giving you a plug—“That‘s No Angry Mob, That‘s My Mom, Team Obama‘s

Assault on Tea Party Talk Radio Americans.” 

All right, Michael, is your friend Jon Kyl over the top talking about

the death of the president and also the Democratic leaders?  Where does

this go? 

MICHAEL GRAHAM, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST:  You know, when I was a kid, I

wanted to grow up to be a liberal like you, Ed, because liberals partied,

got lucky with chicks, smoked pot and had a sense of humor.  This is so

pathetic.  Every time someone gets in trouble for a joke, whether it‘s Jon

Kyl or whether it‘s the union hack up in New Jersey who rewrote the

Internet joke going around about God, these are my favorite people, you

took them all, Governor Christie is my favorite governor—it‘s a joke! 

Have a sense of humor.  It is pathetic.

When did the left become a bunch of humorless stooges?  You‘re no fun


SCHULTZ:  No, we‘re plenty of fun.  In fact, the president did a great

job the other night.  And you folks were taking him apart for his routine. 

By the way, I don‘t smoke pot and I never have smoked pot.  That is a fact. 

I‘m just a boring guy.  I like to hunt and fish.  And I drink cold beer

every now and then.  Stan Stein, is Senator Kyl over the top on this? 

SAM STEIN, “HUFFINGTON POST”:  How do I interject in this debate?  I

don‘t think so.  I mean, humor is humor.  I have to say, we should all

lighten up a little bit.  The president made a joke during a speech about

drone attacks on the Jonas Brothers.  I thought it was poor taste.  But

whatever, it‘s funny.  I can‘t get myself worked up. 

SCHULTZ:  Let‘s talk about some good law enforcement.  It didn‘t take

very long for the Obama terrorism team, Mike, to get it done.  How about a

pat on the back tonight?  Can you do that? 

GRAHAM:  Okay.  I want you to look in the camera and tell us again you

haven‘t smoked pot. 

SCHULTZ:  I have never—first of all, we‘re not going to turn this

around, but I will tell you—

GRAHAM:  No, not because of that. 

SCHULTZ:  God as my witness, I have never smoked pot in my life.  You

can blog that.  You can—Youtube it, do whatever you want.  I am taking

it—I have never.  You cannot produce anybody on the face of this Earth

that has ever smoked pot—it hasn‘t happened!

GRAHAM:  Well, Ed, we want you to.  Trust me.  Because you sound high

right now. 


GRAHAM:  Only reason there aren‘t dead people in New York is because

the machine didn‘t work.  The only reason the airplane didn‘t blow up in

Detroit is because the underwear didn‘t explode.  This has been a dismal

failure.  And my sources on this are those right wing media outlets, the

“New York Times,” and MSNBC, which reported late today that this whack job

Islamist should never have gotten on the plane.  Quote, we were extremely

fortunate that we stopped the guy. 

SCHULTZ:  You‘re right, we were fortunate that there was a no fly



SCHULTZ:  Even after the plane was leaving.  Mike, I know I can always

count on you taking a cheap shot.  Sam Stein, go ahead. 

STEIN:  I just think we need to look at the broader picture here.  We

have done things over seas that have crippled al Qaeda‘s recruiting

efforts.  The fact that they‘re turning to practitioners who are probably

not the best—I say this without expertise.  But the fact that they‘re

turning to practitioners who are not the best terrorists actually is sort

of a success story, in many respects. 

And yes, we are lucky, in some respects, that the bomb didn‘t go off

in this man‘s underwear or in Times Square.  But the fact of the matter is

that you are going to have to live and we are going to have to learn to

live with an element of terrorism in our lives.  This is just the reality. 

It‘s happened under the Bush administration.  It will happen under the

Obama administration. 

SCHULTZ:  Michael Graham, can you tell our audience tonight that you

have never smoked pot, because I can? 

GRAHAM:  Sadly, I have never smoked pot. 

SCHULTZ:  Well, you ought to be behind bars.  You are a law-breaking

son of a gun. 


GRAHAM:  When I was a kid, I was in the garage one time, I snorted

some Midol. 


SCHULTZ:  You‘ve been boring ever since.  Good to have you with us,

Michael.  Sam, good to have you with us tonight. 

Coming up, Florida is on red alert.  A current is sending oil from the

Gulf towards the Keys.  Locals are saying that this would be an epic

disaster.  More on that in just a moment.  Stay with us.


SCHULTZ:  In my playbook tonight, a strong current in the Gulf of

Mexico could carry the massive oil slick clear down to the Florida Keys and

beyond within a week.  Right now, the spill is close to being swept into

the fast-moving Loop Current, which would carry the oil around the tip of

Florida, and into the Gulf Stream. 

From there, the oil could flow all the way up the east coast of the

United States.  Joining me now is Nick Shay, a professor at the University

of Miami School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. 

Professor, good to have you with us tonight.  Just put and capsulize

for us how serious this is if that loop does, in fact, take place. 

NICK SHAY, PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHER:  Well, thank you for inviting me on

your show, Ed.  It is serious.  The current is very strong.  And it‘s

notorious for pushing a lot of nutrients and toxins towards the south,

towards the Florida straits when we have—when we have toxins entering

water column, such as we‘re having with this oil slick. 

They get pushed away by the current, and they can enter into the

Florida straits.  And it can affect the ecosystems, a very delicate and

fragile ecosystem associated with the coral reefs and the fisheries through

the Florida Keys.  And once it exits the Florida Straits, it is clear to go

up the eastern seaboard, and create some problems for our neighbors towards

the north. 

SCHULTZ:  On the coral reefs, are we talking about irreversible damage

in our lifetime? 

SHAY:  That‘s an—that‘s unclear, whether it‘s irreversible.  But it

certainly isn‘t going to help the matter with those delicate ecosystems in

the Florida Keys.  And it‘s also going to depend on how much oil is

actually getting in there. 

SCHULTZ:  Well, what would it do to the economy?  I mean, would it be

as devastating as we think it would be? 

SHAY:  Well, if this—if this well continues to spew oil into the

Gulf of Mexico, and we can‘t cap it for another month or two, it will be—

it will be a very difficult situation for a lot of folks in Florida, and

delicate ecosystems could be destroyed for a long time. 

SCHULTZ:  Professor, good to have you with us tonight.  Thank you so

much.  The oil spill is, of course, not only hurting the environment, it‘s

wreaking havoc on local businesses across the region. 

Let me bring in Mary Ann Patti.  Her family owns Joe Patti‘s seafood,

a mom and pop operation in Pensacola, Florida.  Mary Ann is a local

attorney who was involved in Mike Papantonio‘s class action suit against

BP.  Can you put into words tonight what your family, business, community

could be facing? 

MARY ANN PATTI, JOE PATTI‘S SEAFOOD:  It‘s absolutely horrendous. 

We‘re looking at catastrophic damages for what is happening.  And when I

say that, you‘ve got to look at my family has had this seafood company.  My

grandparents started it back in 1935.  All of our family is either off

shot, they all have their own companies.  We‘ve got our company.  But all

of our companies have fishermen, oystermen, distributors, all of these

people are going to be affected.  We have already—I was talking to one

of my uncles today.  He is already having to send his mullet fishermen down

east, so they can still go into that area to mullet fish.  The price of

mullet has already gone up.  That‘s just something simple. 

But when you sit back and look at what it‘s doing to the economy, what

it‘s doing to the local fishermen, you‘ve got people that this has been

their entire life.  They don‘t know anything else, other than fishing, or

oystering, or shrimping.  And what are they going to do now? 

This is not something that‘s going to go away overnight.  It‘s

something that we‘re going to feel for years to come.  Before they were

even talking about—like, Mr. Shay, that it could possibly go up the east

coast, my family was already talking about it, something they have lived

and breathed for years.  They have—

No one knows what‘s going on.  All of the other business owners are

calling, because this is something that we rely upon.  No one realizes the

devastation that‘s going to happen from this, not only when you look at it

ecologically, but economically. 

What are these families going to do when all of a sudden they can‘t

make their mortgage payments?  Yeah, that‘s going to be happening.  You‘re

going to have people who aren‘t going to be able to make their mortgage

payments, who aren‘t going to be able to make their car payments.  Why? 

Because they can‘t go out, they can‘t fish, they can‘t shrimp, they can‘t

oyster.  They can‘t get the products, so that way they can come in and sell


Then what are we going to have to do as a business, the seafood

company we own?  Well, we‘re going to have to get the product from

elsewhere, from other countries.  It‘s just absolutely devastating what‘s

going to happen.  And it‘s not going to end in the next day or so. 

SCHULTZ:  Mary Ann Patti, you have said it all and said so much. 

There will be a real emotional strain to all of this, as well.  This is

going to change a lot of lives if it continues to move forward.  Thanks,

Mary Ann.  All the best to you.  Thanks for being with us tonight. 

SCHULTZ:  Final page in my playbook tonight.  It seems as though the

Philadelphia police officer got a little taser-happy last night at the

Phillies‘ game.  In what appears to be a completely unjustified use of

force, a 17-year-old kid was tased as he ran around the outfield at

Citizens Bank Park. 

I‘m pretty sure they could have caught him, the unruly fan, without

using a taser.  But I don‘t think he will run out on that field anymore. 

The Philadelphia PD said it‘s opening an investigation into the incident to

determine if the tasing was the proper use of equipment. 

Also, we want to extend a warm welcome to some brand new MSNBC

viewers.  We are now airing on South Africa‘s Top TV in Kenya, Tanzania,

and South Africa.  Thanks to all of you for joining us.  We‘re excited

about having you, watching us right here from New York and Washington on


Coming up, the so-called father of Arizona‘s immigration law, Sheriff

Joe Arpaio, is being probed for racial profiling.  He says he can be

governor—he says he wanted to be the governor of Arizona, but he decided

not to run.  The Republican sheriff goes one-on-one with me next right here

on THE ED SHOW.  Stay with us. 


SCHULTZ:  Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.  Finally tonight, one name is

going to be missing when it comes to the gubernatorial race for the

Republicans in Arizona.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he‘s not

going to be running, and he may be emboldened by the most recent poll that

51 percent of the folks in Arizona think that this law is OK.  The sheriff

joins us tonight from Arizona. 

Joe, good to have you with us tonight.  What do you make of this poll,

51 percent of Arizonans think that this law is about right? 


70 percent.  I don‘t know what poll you‘re talking about.  But most people

here in Arizona like this new law.  You know, I‘ve been enforcing these

type of laws for three years.  Really haven‘t had any problems.  So I don‘t

know why everybody is—

SCHULTZ:  Well, actually, you have had some problems, sheriff.  You‘re

being investigated for racial profiling, but—

ARPAIO:  well, wait a minute, let me answer that, Ed.  That‘s been a

year and a half that the Justice Department Civil Rights has been floating

around this county, and nothing has happened.  So they can investigate all

they want. 

SCHULTZ:  OK.  So you‘re totally innocent of that.  But to say that it

that you‘ve been enforcing the law, in the eyes of some, you‘ve been

somewhat overbearing, or is that an overstatement? 

ARPAIO:  No, I—I‘m not overbearing.  I took an oath of office to

enforce all the laws.  So I‘m aggressive against any type of crime,

including illegal immigration.  It‘s not overbearing. 

SCHULTZ:  Why aren‘t you going to run for office?  Why aren‘t you

going to run for governor? 

ARPAIO:  Well, I could be the governor.  I don‘t want to brag, but

everybody knows that.  By the way, if I announced yesterday for governor,

you wouldn‘t be talking to me as the sheriff, because I would have to

resign.  In some county, officials would not like—

SCHULTZ:  That‘s not right, Joe, you‘re good copy.  I‘ll talk to you

all the time. 

ARPAIO:  OK.  But these county officials would not appoint a guy like

me.  I think they‘re having a bad day today, when I refused to resign.  I‘m

going to continue on doing my job as sheriff. 

SCHULTZ:  OK.  And what do you say about all these states that are

following Arizona?  There‘s ten of them.  Do you think there will be more? 


ARPAIO:  You know, at least—let‘s hope that Washington follows the

Arizona law. 


ARPAIO:  Which is patterned after Washington‘s federal law, anyway,


SCHULTZ:  Sheriff, good to have you with us tonight.  Telephone survey

tonight, I asked you, do you feel safer under the Obama administration‘s

watch?  Ninety one percent of you said yes.  That‘s THE ED SHOW.  I‘m Ed

Schultz.  Chris Matthews is going to be talking to Brownie coming up next. 

Stay with us.




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