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  Climategate? Alleged e-mails fuel warming debate

Savidge on Afghanistan Questions Haunting Obama Admin

  Sept. 29: Martin Savidge, "WorldFocus" Special Correspondent, wonders how can the U.S. expect NATO allies to commit troops to Afghanistan when the President seems to be reconsidering U.S. involvement.

WorldFocus anchor on Afghanistan

  Sept. 29: WorldFocus correspondent Martin Savidge talks to Willie Geist about Iran, Afghanistan and his one-of-a-kind voice.

Savidge: Afghans 'don't like any foreigners'

  Aug. 19: NBC's Martin Savidge joins Morning Joe to discuss the escalating Taliban violence leading up to the presidential election on Thursday.

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  Savidge on Palin's politics

July 29: Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge joins the Morning Joe panel to discuss the day's must-read Op-Eds, including the latest column from Maureen Dowd on Sarah Palin's unique persona.

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