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George Bush, the Republican Congress and Democratic politicians are playing political games with illegal immigration.  And it could cost you and your family your lives. 

By now, you know how craven politicians are when it comes up to grabbing Hispanic votes.  They cynically believe that minority voters in border states are going to like them a lot more if they reward Mexicans for breaking American laws.  We have told you about how California, and maybe even your state, wants to give illegal immigrants their own driver‘s licenses. 

And even that crass move makes us all less safe in those post-9/11 world.  Last Thursday, we reported how Congress wants to give illegal immigrants Social Security checks when they return back to Mexico, even though the Social Security system is going to be bankrupt in the next 10 years. 

And this Friday, we got the shocking news from “The Washington Times” that the Bush White House now wants to grant amnesty for up to 12 million illegal immigrants. 

Why?  Of course, it‘s to buy votes.  They know that conservative Republicans have nowhere else to go, so they can kiss up to illegal immigrants and not have to pay any political price for it. 

Now, that may be good politics in the White House, but it‘s a lousy public policy.  And the fact that it severely weakens our country simply doesn‘t seem to matter to some politicians or bureaucrats that are running your government in Washington, D.C.  It‘s a disgrace and it‘s the “Real Deal.”

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