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  Military Hanging in Fiscal Cliff Balance?

Breaking down the issue of defense spending

  Former Congressman, Admiral Joe Sestak discusses the cost efficiency of American defense and why he thinks that there is a way to spend less money and keep us just as safe.

Conflicting accounts of Benghazi attacks

  Ali Gharib, editor at The Daily Beast; Princeton professor Anne-Marie Slaughter; Joe Sestak, former director of defense policy under President Clinton, and Elise Jordan, former speechwriter to Condoleezza Rice join the Up w/ Chris Hayes conversation on the recent developments on the consulate attack

Candidates prep final strategies

  Former Rep. Joe Sestak and Republican Strategist David Winston discuss the critical decisions the campaigns will need to make in the final weeks to Election Day.

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  Should the defense budget remain untouchable?

Former congressman Joe Sestak joins The Cycle to discuss cuts proposed to the defense budget.

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