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A Medford man used a running chain saw to attack a vehicle with a former girlfriend and two other women inside, one of whom said it was "like a chain saw massacre."

The three women were going out Saturday night to celebrate a birthday but first stopped by the home of David W. Stockton, 37, in Medford, after he invited one of them — the former girlfriend — to stop over, police said.

Kristina Hood, 36, of Gold Hill, went inside, and came out a short time later talking with a woman who had been inside, apparently another friend of Stockton, said Detective Sgt. Mike Boudreau.

Before Hood could get in behind the driver of the 2010 Toyota RAV4 parked in Stockton's driveway, Stockton got angry and told them to leave, police said. He fired up his Poulan chain saw and ran the 18-inch blade along the passenger side of the small sport utility vehicle, denting and scraping it, then poked the blade through the passenger side front seat window, Boudreau said.

The driver, Shauna Franklin, 34, of Medford, told police Stockton was "crazy." Keri Sandstrom, 34, of Medford, told police she had to duck her head between her legs to avoid the blade and was showered with broken glass, which cut her hand.

"He ran at the vehicle like it was a chain saw massacre," Sandstrom told investigators.

Stockton was still attacking the vehicle with the saw when the women drove off. They stopped a few blocks away to call 911, Boudreau said.

Police went to Franklin's house but he wasn't there. The next day they seized the chain saw and arrested Stockton at a friend's house.

He was released Monday night on $15,000 bail after appearing in Jackson County Court on charges of attempted assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, harassment, menacing and endangering another.

Among conditions of his release were to stay away from the victims, no alcohol and no weapons. He can continue to possess tools but not use them as weapons.

Neither Stockton nor the women had listed telephone numbers.

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