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Turkey debates bypassing Bosporus Strait

Turks are debating whether a 1936 treaty that governs shipping in the Bosporus Strait will disrupt ambitious government plans to build an alternative canal linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.Full story

Turkey plans new major waterway to bypass Bosporus

Turkey's prime minister on Wednesday announced what he called a "crazy and magnificent" plan to build a new waterway to the Black Sea, promising that the tanker-clogged Bosporus through Istanbul would soon be used for sports and boat trips. Full story

Turkey's Erdogan pledges new constitution

Turkey's prime minister says his government will write a new constitution that will strengthen democracy and freedoms, if re-elected in June. Full story

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Turkey faces questions about free expression

Turkish PM attacks France for ban on full face veil

Turkey: Ruling party criticized over headscarves

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Turkey: government, military spar over trials

Turkey's Erdogan: not appropriate to arm Libyan rebels

Turkish PM says Libya ceasefire should be immediate

Turkey faces struggle to revive EU bid

Erdogan warns Libya on violence as Turks await rescue

Sultan's TV drama opens Turkish divide on religion

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