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    >>> symptoms? omnaris combats the cause.

    >>> welcome back. new pictures have surfaced that once again allegedly show apple's next generation iphone . video and still photos that supposedly show this prototype of the iphone 4g surfaced on a tech website in vietnam . the device is identical in shape to the one featured last month when gizmoto came across an iphone left at a bar. joining me now a c-note executive. apple known for secrecy, protecting its product. could this be true? another prototype found in vietnam ?

    >> well, there seems to be several of them floating around. this isn't even the first one out of the far east . there have been pictures out there. it very well could be. obviously looks very similar.

    >> what's going on here if these things are real?

    >> they have to make prototypes to make phones.

    >> so disgruntled employees or something?

    >> no, it's just very difficult to keep everything completely secret. i mean, the big thing i think people really want to know is whether they'll put out a verizon iphone . that's all the e-mails i get from readers. verizon iphone or not? right now you know it's going to be a little faster, a better processor and maybe better battery life and it has the front facing camera everyone is looking at for the i-chat.

    >> right.

    >> but other than that, there isn't any great big surprise here.

    >> why are people salivating over the verizon possibility? is it because of so many complaints with at&t's service? what's going on there?

    >> yeah. actually as an at&t subscriber you want there to be some outlet for at&t so you can get better service. hopefully everyone will rush over to verizon and my service will get better.

    >> we know when that first prototype was found at the bar gizmoto now involved in perhaps some legal trouble, there was even a raid at the editor's home. what does apple do now with a prototype that could be in vietnam ? i mean, does their power extend even there?

    >> air strikes ? i don't know. i mean, yeah. there's a lot of jokes going around about them sending a team in there to vietnam to go get this prototype.

    >> a computer fraud squad was sent to that guy's house with gizmoto.

    >> who knows where it came from? it could be taiwan. they just don't know. that's the other issue. it's hard to keep things secret these days.

    >> they'll have to give it to just like two employees and put one of those scanners or something on the hand. pass it along and get in trouble. interesting. we'll see what happens. david , thank you.

updated 5/12/2010 3:13:27 PM ET 2010-05-12T19:13:27

Another next-generation iPhone from Apple has allegedly been found, this time in Vietnam.

Photos and a YouTube video posted on the Internet today show it is nearly identical to the next-gen iPhone prototype discovered in a California bar and posted on the tech site Gizmodo a few weeks ago. (Read "Will Leaked iPhone 4G Bruise Apple?")

The Vietnam iPhone prototype has the same slab-like design, front camera, metal side-trimmings, and black plastic or ceramic back plate as the California one.

There are minor differences, however, such as the absence of screws on the bottom of the device, which suggests this may be a more polished version of the smartphone that Apple is expected to release this summer.

Unlike the California iPhone prototype, the display on this one appears to be working and shows a fireball graphic from an app entitled "Inferno."

Text on the back of the device indicates it is a 16 gigabyte (GB) version, and a tear-down of the device suggests the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, as the media has gotten to calling the next iteration of the iPhone, contains a custom Apple A4 processor, similar to the one that powers the company's iPad.

So what is Apple's next generation iPhone doing halfway around the world from the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.?

Like most other goods, many electronics are manufactured in Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam.

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